PATIPHAN Valorant Settings: Gears, PC Setup & More

PATIPHAN Valorant Settings: Gears, PC Setup, Mouse, Keybinds & Cross Hair Settings 2024

Welcome to another valorant settings blog, in this article we’re going to share Patiphan valorant settings, PATIPHAN Chaiwong is a Valorant player from Thailand who currently represents X10 Esports. PATHIPHAN born on 3 September 2003 and is now seventeen years old. 

PATIPHAN Valorant Settings: Gears, PC Setup & More

PATIPHAN was an Overwatch player before joining Valorant, and was most known for his stint with Talon Esports. He also competed in the 2018 Overwatch World Cup for Thailand. Doomfist and Genji were his trademark heroes. 

Since 2020, he has been playing Valorant professionally for many teams, including Thailand Attitude, MiTH Attitude, and Full Sense and he is presently a part of X10 Esports. 

PATIPHAN Valorant Gears and Setup: 

Today’s most popular game is Valorant. The closed beta, which has been heavily advertised on Twitch and Mixer, has piqued the interest of many gamers. It’s being played and enjoyed by several of the most popular streamers. Once you’ve gotten in, you’ll discover a game that is both clever and competitively balanced. It is, however, sometimes demanding. 

Now you have to be at your best in the lobbies, because many people are taking it seriously. You can help one by using the most powerful Valorant gear and settings. Obtaining the highest feasible frames per second is essential in any game. However, the equipment you’re using places limitations on you. 

PATIPHAN Gaming PC Setup: 

PATIPHAN uses an INTEL CORE I7-8700 processor and an NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1080 GPU to play Valorant. 

PATIPHAN Gaming Gears: 

  • Monitor: PATIPHAN’s gaming monitor is BenQ Zowie XL2546.  
  • Keyboard: PATIPHAN is currently using a Custom Mechanical Keyboard for Playing Valorant. 
  • Headset: The SENNHEISER GAME ZERO gaming headset is used by PATIPHAN. 
  • Mouse: The XTRFY M42 gaming mouse is used by PATIPHAN. 
  • Mouse pad: PATIPHAN is using LOGITECH G640 Mouse Pad. 


  • Valorant DPI: PATIPHAN Valorant DPI is 800 
  • Valorant Sensitivity: PATIPHAN Valorant Sensitivity is 0.5 
  • Valorant eDPI:  Valorant eDPI is 400 
  • HZ: 1000 Hz is the frequency used by PATIPHAN. 
  • Valorant Scoped Sensitivity: Scoped Sensitivity of PATIPHAN is 1. 
  • Windows Sensitivity: PATIPHAN Window sensitivity is 6 


VALORANT was designed to appear as basic as possible so that it may thrive and function effectively on any machine in a competitive environment. To deter tactical shooters, you should have extraneous textures or colours in your sightline. Low-resolution video is usually the best option. 

For gaming, the difference between high and low settings should be negligible, although low settings may provide you a slight advantage. You have the top hand when you observe a pixel lighter than your opponent. 

Of course, you’ll need a computer to push these frames, and because VALORANT isn’t a difficult game, you may play it frequently with a low-cost card. 

PATIPHAN’s video settings are as follows:: 

  • Resolution: PATIPHAN is using a gaming monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. 
  • Display Mode:  PATIPHAN displaying Mode is full screen. 
  • Frame Rate Limit: In the PATIPHAN settings, the Frame Rate Limit is unlocked.  
  • Material Quality: The material quality of PATIPHAN is low. 
  • Texture Quality: PATIPHAN employs a low-quality texture 
  • Detail Quality: The detail quality of PATIPHAN is low 
  • UI Quality: The UI quality of PATIPHAN is also on low  
  • Vignette and VSync: Vignette and VSync in PATIPHAN’s Settings are off. 
  • Anti Aliasing: Anti Aliasing by PATIPHAN is set to MSAA 2X. 
  • Anisotropic Filtering: The anisotropic filtering of PATIPHAN is 1X. 
  • Improve Clarity: PATIPHAN’s improve Clarity is off 
  • Bloom and Distortion: PATIPHAN’s Bloom is turned on, while Distortion is turned off. 
  • Cast Shadow: PATIPHAN’s Cast shadow is off. 

PATIPHAN’s Valorant Mouse Settings: 

Your VALORANT options are generally the ones you like. However, some essential issues must be taken into consideration, particularly in terms of your mouse and points per inch. 

First and foremost, you must evaluate your position in your sensitivity. If you wish to utilize firearms like the operator, consider reducing your sensitivity. Choose a greater sensitivity if you’re employing a vandal or creative weapon. 

Take note of your actual surroundings as well. If you have limited space on your desk or a small mouse pad, it is recommended that you increase your sensitivity. 

You can experiment with lower sensitivity if you have a lot of room. Anything between 0.35 and 0.45 is a good bet. It’s towards the bottom of the scale, so it’ll take some getting used to, but it’s not as low as to impair your movement. 

PATIPHAN Valorant Settings: Gears, PC Setup & More

PATIPHAN’s mouse settings are as follows:: 

  • DPI: PATIPHAN employs a resolution of 800 dpi. 
  • Mouse Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the PATIPHAN mouse is 2. 
  • Zoom Sensitivity: The zoom sensitivity is set to 1. 
  • Raw Input: Raw Input for PATIPHAN is turned on. 
  • Mouse Acceleration: The mouse acceleration in PATIPHAN is off. 
  • Pointer Speed: The PATIPHAN Pointer has a speed of 6/11. 
  • Sensitivity Aim: The Aim sensitivity of PATIPHAN is 0.5. 
  • eDPI: PATIPHAN has an eDPI of 800. 
  • Scoped Sensitivity Multiplier: The Scoped Sensitivity Multiplier of PATIPHAN is set to 1. 
  • Window Sensitivity: PATIPHAN has a window sensitivity of 6. 


The default VALORANT key bindings aren’t bad, especially when it comes to your own talents. The four and five mouse buttons, on the other hand, are useful if you wish to adjust the speed. 

One thing you should think about changing is your jump key binding. You’ll have a lot more fun bunny hopping if you tie up or leap to the mouse’s down wheel rather than the space saver. You might alternatively bind to the spacebar and the mouse wheel if you have difficulties adjusting. 

Valorant has multiple keys, which make it harder to recall what each key on your keyboard may accomplish to inexperienced players. It’s always a matter of personal preference to change Valorant settings. When they start playing, many people still utilize the default control settings. Some players believe they might acquire a competitive advantage on the field by substituting regular hotkeys with custom keys. 

The following Keybinds are used by PATIPHAN:: 

  • Walk: PATIPHAN walks with the “L-Shift”. 
  • Jump: For jumping, PATIPHAN uses the “Space Bar.” 
  • Crouch:  For Crouching, PATIPHAN uses “L-Ctrl.” 
  • Primary Weapons: For Primary Weapons, PATIPHAN uses the number “1”. 
  • Secondary Weapons: For secondary weaponry, PATIPHAN employs the number “2.” 
  • Melee Weapon: For melee weapons, PATIPHAN uses “3”. 
  • Ability 1: PATIPHAN uses “Q” for ability 1. 
  • Ability 2: PATIPHAN uses “E” for Ability 2. 
  • Ability 3: PATIPHAN uses “C” for Ability 3. 
  • Use Object: PATIPHAN utilizes “F” to use Object. 
  • Equip Spike: PATIPHAN uses “4” in order to equip Spike. 
  • Equip Ability Ultimate: PATIPHAN employs “X” for Ultimate. 

PATIPHAN Cross hair Settings: 

Crosshairs are completely customizable. “Excellent” crosshairs don’t exist. Look for a crosshair that you can readily see on your screen. The employment of colours like green or cyan is a common strategy. 

You don’t want your eyesight to be blocked by the curves of your crosshair, so don’t make it overly thick or clear. Because the default colours for the crosshair in VALORANT and the game environment are so dissimilar, you should be able to choose one of them. 

PATIPHAN Valorant Settings: Gears, PC Setup & More

PATIPHAN is using the Following Crosshair Settings: 

  • Color: PATIPHAN is using Yellow color crosshair 
  • Center Dot: PATIPHAN’s Crosshair settings have the Center Dot off. 
  • Outlines: Outlines are on/0/1  
  • Inner Lines: The inner crosshair is 1//1/1 
  • Outer lines: The crosshair’s outer lines are 1/0/0/0. 
  • Fade/Moving/Firing Error: Fade, Moving, and Firing Error are likewise off. 


The setups and gaming parameters described above are used by the PATIPHAN Valorant game. You can use the PC setup, gears and in-game options of PATIPHAN to increase your valuable game experience as well. If you have anything to add in patiphan valorant settings, please comment below and let us know.



PATIPHAN Chaiwong is a Valorant player from Thailand who currently represents X10 Esports. PATIPHAN was an Overwatch player who was best known for his time with Talon Esports before joining Valorant. He also competed in the 2018 Overwatch World Cup for Thailand. Doomfist and Genji were his hallmark heroes.

How old is PATIPHAN? 

PATIPHAN was born on September 3, 2003, and he is 17 years old professional Valorant gamer.

In Which Team PATIPHAN is currently Playing? 

PATIPHAN now plays in the X10 ESPORTS squad before he played with the Thailand Attitude, MiTH Attitude, and Full Sense

What are PATIPHAN gaming PC specs? 

PATIPHAN features an INTEL CORE I7-8700 CPU and an NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1080 GPU for gaming. 

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