Grand Cross: Age Of Titans Tier List - Top Tier Heroes

Grand Cross: Age Of Titans Tier List June 2024 – (S,A,B Tier List)

In the ever-expanding realm of Grand Cross: Age Of Titans, the path to greatness is paved with heroes of varying strengths and abilities. Are you interested in learning this strategy game heroes command the greatest authority? We may now dive into the interesting world of hero ranks without saying anything more. In this guide, we will talk about Grand Cross: Age of Titans Tier List and share stats of all the heroes in the game.

Grand Cross: Age Of Titans Tier List

Here is a detailed tier list for the powerful champions in the game.

S Tier – Legendary Champions of Power

Grand Cross: Age of Titans S Tier List

The S Tier houses the crème de la crème of Grand Cross: Age Of Titans heroes – the undeniably strongest and most coveted champions. These legendary figures possess extraordinary abilities and command over their troops, proving themselves as forces to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


The Tiger’s Fury Beom, a legendary hero of Cavalry type, takes a rightful place in the upper echelons of power. His remarkable “Beom Appears” ability inflicts a staggering 450% Attack damage on a single enemy troop while providing a vital healing touch to lightly wounded troops within his command.


Knight of Youthful Vigor Isaac, a symbol of youthful vigor among legendary heroes, commands the battlefield with distinction. His “Youthful Vigor” ability strikes with 400% Attack damage while tactfully reducing the damage output of enemy troops, demonstrating his strategic acumen.


Ambitious Lionheart Arthur, an ambitious lionheart classified as an Attack type, firmly establishes his dominion over the battlefield. His “Lion’s Roar” ability exemplifies his prowess, targeting up to 5 foes with a 350% Attack blow in a frontal fan-shaped area, asserting his place in the uppermost echelon.


Guiding Soul Whisperer Numa, a true master of the underworld’s silent rivers, showcases her prowess in the S Tier. Her “Ghostly Wail” ability not only delivers a formidable 300% Attack blow but also inflicts lingering Damage over time, creating a lasting impact on her adversaries.

A Tier – Mighty Heroes of Valor

Grand Cross: Age of Titans A Tier List

In the A Tier, a band of mighty heroes emerges, each exuding valor and determination. These heroes boast exceptional skills and abilities that position them as formidable assets on the battlefield.


Queen of Forgotten Memories Elisha, a legendary Archer commander of the Attack archetype, strides into the A Tier. Her “Arrival of the Queen” ability inflicts a powerful 450% Attack damage, accompanied by a strategic march speed reduction, making her a formidable presence to reckon with.


Enchanted Acrobat Mellibee, a legendary Archer leader specialized in Support, finds her place among the mighty. Her “Sweet Command” ability not only deals 350% Attack damage to a circular range of foes but also boosts the basic attack damage of nearby allies, cementing her role as a versatile asset.


Unbridled Thief’s Desire Bella, a unique Cavalry rarity hero embodying the Attack class, stakes her claim in the A Tier. Her “Infraction” ability strikes with a 200% Attack damage followed by persistent Damage over time, showcasing her unrestrained determination and prowess.

B Tier – Reliable Choices of Strategy

Grand Cross: Age of Titans B Tier List

The B Tier houses heroes characterized by reliability and strategic acumen. While not the most dominant, these heroes possess unique abilities that contribute significantly to tactical gameplay.


Familiar Echoes Kaya, a unique leader with mastery over Combine forces and the Gather role, exhibits reliable prowess in the B Tier. Her “Silverbell Bomb” ability strikes up to 3 foes with a 180% Attack hit, coupled with a strategic march speed reduction for a tactical edge.


Eternal Forest Guardian Larie, an uncommon Combat Engineer commander and a guardian of the Gather role, finds her place among the reliable choices. Her “Providence of the Forest” ability deals a steadfast 200% Attack strike to a solitary enemy troop target, aligning with her role as a steadfast protector.


Bazaar’s Charming Enigma Ramesses, a unique Combat Engineer hero distinguished by the Station classification, navigates the B Tier with his enigmatic charm. His “Son of God” ability inflicts 150% Attack damage across a circular radius, striking up to 3 enemy troops with tactical flair.


The complexity of the Grand Cross: Age of Titans tier list makes it clear that the realm of legendary heroes is full of variety and might. Each tier of heroes has individuals with distinctive skills and capabilities, from the great champions of the S Tier who dominate the battlefield with unmatched prowess to the brave heroes of the A Tier who personify bravery and valour and the tacticians of the B Tier who make strategic contributions. 

Your journey through this epic realm will undoubtedly be shaped by the choices you make among these exceptional champions. Whether you seek sheer dominance, versatile tactics, or strategic reliability, the tier list guides you through the ranks, ensuring that you approach battles armed with the knowledge of the heroes who stand ready to carve their names in the annals of legend.

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