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Top 10 games like XCOM For PC & Windows

if you are a fan of XCOM, then you might want to play more games like this. We have collected some of the best games that are like XCOM. In the game XCOM, the mission starts in 2015, as a worldwide outsider intrusion begins. Before the beginning of the game, a gathering of nations called the Council of Nations had joined together to make XCOM, the best military association in humanity’s set of experiences, entrusted with safeguarding them from the outsider attack. The player accepts the job of the commander of XCOM and continues to participate in a conflict against an extraterrestrial adversary with overpowering mechanical predominance. 

Best games like XCOM 

Now let’s move towards the top 10 games like XCOM. 

#1 Top Pick
Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden 

Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden 

  • Dystopian setting  
  • Significant and special playable characters 
  •  turn-based battle  
  • Character movement and loadout customization  

One of the game’s intriguing highlights is its battle framework. Typically, in these sorts of games, the battle is turn-based. Yet, Mutant Year Zero permits you to investigate areas progressively and move your characters uninhibitedly as long as you stay unseen by the foes.
When you enter their view, the customary turn-based arrangement starts. The skill trees and role-playing components make the whole experience more extravagant than what other comparable strategic games might offer.  

#2 Top Pick


  • Set during the Cold War  
  • Innovative techniques 
  • turn-based battle  

There is a lot of similitudes between Xenonauts and XCOM. However, we should zero in on the spaces where Xenonauts sparkle. One of the fascinating highlights is the likelihood to oversee not one but rather a couple of independent bases.  
At long last, the interference small scale game is more unpredictable and fun. These are only a couple of contrasts; however, they should give you a thought regarding the game. In the case of graphics, Xenonauts are less appealing. Still, in this kind of creations, in any case, visuals are not the central part, so don’t allow this reality to deter you from playing, as there is significantly more to it than initially meets the eye. 

#3 Top Pick
Fallout 2

Fallout 2 

  • Post-Apocalyptic setting  
  • A substantial open-world climate loaded up with hazardous animals.  
  • Rich pretending experience with complex person movement  
  • A ton of opportunity with regards to propelling the story.

Aftermath series is most famous for its post-apocalyptic setting, with huge pieces of Earth being changed into atomic badlands brimming with transformed animals because of a worldwide clash. In Fallout 2, as one of the survivors, you will be entrusted with recuperating an incredible antique to ensure the natural balance. 
In the case of gameplay, it is noted that it’s considerably more of a Role-playing game with a gigantic open-world climate, however on the off chance that you preferred XCOM, you will presumably additionally like the strategic turn-based battle of Fallout 2.  

#4 Top Pick
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus 

  • Turn-based fights that will test your arranging and system abilities  
  • Exceptionally adaptable units for more shifted interactivity.  
  • A convincing story with substitute endings.  

The game is a turn-put-together technique centered concerning Adeptus Mechanicus powers. 
You, as their chief, will be entrusted with instructing a little gathering of tech-cleric and tech-monitor units to investigate unpleasant prisons where Necrons began to awaken, undermining everybody’s security.  
What makes the title stand apart from the group is how your units are profoundly adjustable. 
You can outfit them with a wide range of improvement increases, which doesn’t just change their job and reason on the combat zone yet also requires an alternate playstyle to release their maximum capacity.  

#5 Top Pick
Divinity: Original Sin II 

Divinity: Original Sin II 

  • Exemplary RPG experience in a high dreamland  
  • Special turn-based battle  
  • A few playable classes to browse for a more shifted interactivity  
  • On the web and neighborhood split-screen multiplayer for up to 4 players.  

Epic dreams supplant the science-fiction setting, and the job of malicious outsider trespassers from space is played by skeletons, trolls, and other legendary preferences. Yet, a few similitudes between XCOM and Divinity can be seen.  
Every player can order his gathering of a few playable characters, opening some intriguing chances regarding arranging fight strategies. It’s likewise significant that the multiplayer mode comes in an online structure and a split-screen one. 

#6 Top Pick
Massive Chalice 

Massive Chalice 

  • Centuries-lasting clashes  
  • Great visuals  

Massive Chalice centers around a centuries-enduring clash among humankind and an underhanded power known as the Cadence. The game is like XCOM in that it likewise comprises a consistent methodology, where you can oversee and foster your realm, and turn-based strategies, where you can order your soldiers on the front line.  
What makes the game genuinely extraordinary, notwithstanding, is the reality that your heroes are not godlike – because of how the game will most recent 300 years, you should bargain with the developing Cadence danger and your kin dying. This implies you need to build up bloodlines with the help of marriages that will ideally bring all the more destined to-be-hero infants to the world, giving you more individuals to battle against evil.  

#7 Top Pick
Into the Breach 

Into the Breach 

  • A conflict among humankind and goliath beasts in an advanced setting  
  • Turn-put together battle concerning 8×8 frameworks  
  • Many unique mechs, each with their exceptional details and capacities 

The game happens later on and centers around a conflict between mechanically progressed powers of humanity and many goliath beasts. Even though there are a few likenesses between Into the Breach and XCOM, there are additionally two significant contrasts that you can undoubtedly spot immediately – an alternate quality style and fights that occur on 8×8 grids.  
There are more contrasts, obviously, for example, the need to zero in on killing the adversaries and shielding nonmilitary personnel structures from foe fire, as they furnish your mechs with power.

#8 Top Pick
Darkest Dungeon 

Darkest Dungeon 

  • Dream setting with a dull and cloudy air  
  • Remarkable 2D comic-like designs  
  • Troublesome, however compensating interactivity  

Darkest Dungeon is a roguelike prison crawler with role-playing components. You should make and lead your gathering of 4 distinct characters and investigate the god-neglected prisons looking for abundance and brilliance.  
The likenesses between this title and XCOM end on the turn-based battle – it’s a unique game, yet it accompanies some fascinating highlights, making it an incredible XCOM like game. However, the ongoing interaction is troublesome and unforgiving. 
 However, it reimburses the individuals who can prepare – appetite and illnesses can end up being however destructive as risky adversaries you seem to be going to experience, so set up your heroes before you start the excursion.  

#9 Top Pick
Chroma Squad 

Chroma Squad 

  • Inspired by Super Sentai and Power Rangers  
  • Turn-based and cooperation assaults  
  • Straightforward yet beguiling pixels and designs 

Chroma Squad was generally enlivened by the Super Sentai and Power Rangers TV shows – you will order a group of trick entertainers as they assume the parts of superheroes and battle against a wide range of villains in a progression of in-game TV shows. Each experience is another show, and relying upon your fight execution, it will get an alternate rating.  
Higher appraisals mean greater prominence and, accordingly, more cash that can spend on different moves up to make your crew more productive. The game’s most novel element is cooperation – legends can join their assaults and help each other perform all the more unique and valuable moves to crush their rivals.  

#10 Top Pick
Phantom Doctrine 

Phantom Doctrine 

  • Set during Cold War
  • turn-based strategies with secrecy
  • Cleaned and engaging 3D visuals

Phantom Doctrine happens during the Cold War in another course of events, where worldwide intrigue controls the world. You should order a group of specialists entrusted with a progression of mystery missions, penetrations, and cross-examinations to disentangle the plot and upset wrongdoers’ arrangements.  
Very much like it was in XCOM, you will want to deal with your base during the technique stage and take part in these based experiences as the battles are settled. The direct contrast is the component of secrecy and shock – you can, for instance, disable cameras, perform quiet takedowns, and drag bodies to stay undetected. Indeed, you can beat whole levels quietly while never raising a caution.  


We have tried to bring forth some of the games that might catch your attention and give you a good time if you like XCOM. We hope this will save you some time. If you still have some questions regarding the topic, you can comment down in the box below. 


Is XCOM 2 too tricky?

As the research shows less, than fifteen percent of players have been able to complete the game in extremely complex options. 

Is XCOM better than XCOM 2?

For sure, XCOM 2 provides a better experience for the players because of many improvements than XCOM. 

What should I play after XCOM?

Players must try battle tech, wasteland three, and many more games that are similar to XCOM.