Best Games Like Subnautica For PC & Windows

Best Games Like Subnautica For PC & Windows

Subnautica since it was released has been one of the favorite games of the players. You have crash-arrived on an outsider place that is unknown for you. Plummet into the profundities of a huge submerged world loaded up with amazement and danger. Art gear, pilot submarines and out-savvy untamed life to investigate rich coral reefs, volcanoes, cave frameworks, and then some – all while attempting to endure. Deal with your oxygen supply as you investigate, in case you have played this game for a while and now you want to try out some similar game then this place is for you!


  • Adventure and action that take place on an alien ocean and planet.
  • You have to explore the depths of the underlying water to survive.
  • Played on Xbox and PlayStation.

List Of Games Like Subnautica

Following is the list of some of the best games like A subnautica , and each one of them has its own gameplay style and combat strategies. Players would love to enjoy a great experience with this game, so let’s get carried on.

#1 Top Pick


  • Survival on the vivid battlefields during encounters.
  • Explore an alien planet that surrounds you.
  • Combat fights between the opponents

No Man’s Sky is an epic sci-fi experience set across a limitless universe. Investigate at no other time seen universes and exchange, battle, and make due on a galactic scale. Investigate unfamiliar universes and list remarkable new types of life. Each planet’s scene is not the same as the following and is populated by species at no other time experienced. Each nearby, planet, sea, and cavern are loaded up with risk, and you are powerless. Fight assault ships, battle off risky hunters, and get by in unsafe conditions. Each experience will test your abilities as far as possible.

#2 Top Pick
Space engineers


  • Voxel-based game 
  • Manual settings options
  • Interaction with world 
  • Explore space

Space Engineers is a game that is set in space. It is a voxel-based game. Space engineer was released on 28 February 2019, but the game could only be played on windows. Later on, it was available for XBOX one on 15th April 2020.
The players start the game by making some changes in the settings according to their needs. Such as they can set a specific number of asteroids. several options are given to the players to interact with the world. players when creating or editing the world to interact with the world.
This game was composed by Karel Antonin.

#3 Top Pick


  • Horror game
  • Explore the forest 
  • Survival game

The forest was released on 30 May 2014. The forest is a horror and survival game. This game is published and developed by End night games. In the beginning, there is the forest where the character Eric and his son Timmy. They have been through a tragic plane accident and survived. This game can be played on android, windows, and play station as well.

#4 Top Pick


  • 3D single player game 
  • Explore alien world
  • Full of Technology
  • Create empire

Satisfactory is a 3d single-player game. In this game, the player lands on an alien planet; then, the player has to collect information or research about survive the alien attack, new technologies. In satisfactory, the player can create his empire. As this game is multiplayer so you can also enjoy it with your friends. It can be played on Microsoft windows.

#5 Top Pick


  • Complete single challenges 
  • Explore the galaxy
  • Use spacecraft
  • Craft able resources

Astroneer is a sand box adventure game. In this game, there are a number if alien worlds that are yet to explore, Each of the worlds in the game consists of different challenges that players complete, but the game doesn’t have any storyline or significant goal. The player controls the astronomer who navigates the space with the help of the spacecraft. He also has a terrain tool that allows him to gather the resources he uses to build and upgrade landscapes. The main resources in the game are organic materials, quartz resin and ammonium, etc. Items in the game are also craft-able according to the need of the astronomer.

#6 Top Pick
download 3


  • Horror game
  • Explore Pluto
  • Search for a new planet
  • Single player game

The Solus project is a video game that was released on June 7 2016. The game provides you with a horror experience that increases the adventure. In this game, you are in search of a colonizable planet for the survivors near Pluto. This is  a single-player game.

#7 Top Pick


  • Explore the ocean world full of creatures
  • Single-player game
  • Discover plans and secrets 
  • Underwater environment

This is an adventure game where you find out about a lot of hidden things. Giant squid studios develop the game, and 505 Games publish the game. Abzug is a single-player video game. In this game, the player dives inside the ocean. After floating on the ocean surface, the player starts to explore the environment and surroundings filled with plants and different types of fish. In this game, as the player unlocks the new areas, he discovers the secrets behind the forces that are harming the underwater environment.
The director of Abzug was matt Nava, and it was composed by Austin wintry.

#8 Top Pick


  • Explore the backyard
  • Giant creatures
  • Search for food and water
  • Survival game

Grounded is a video game that comes under the genre of survival games. This game was released in 2020 by obsidian entertainment. In the game the player is playing role of a survival who is shrunk and now is the size of an ant. He is present in the backyard. The player needs to get plenty amount of water and food to stay alive otherwise they can die of starvation or dehydration. Spiders hunt the players so the players have to stay away from them. There are lady bugs who help the player to reach the food and other resources. The game will introduce other different enemies that are even more dangerous as the players moves forward in the game.


This list will help you play more game like subnautica. We have selected here some of the best games ofsame genre. Pick out your favorite one and let us know which one was worth trying being a fan of subnautica.


Is subnautica a survival game?

Subnautica is a video game full of adventure and action. In this game, players explore the ocean of a planet that they are unaware of.

What happens in grounded?

Grounded is a survival game where the player has to explore the backyard and encounter giant spiders there who hunt him. He has to look for resources to survive.

What should I play after subnautica?

some of the games that are like subnautica are Grounded, no man’s sky, Space engineers the dark forest, etc.

Is subnautica a horror game?

Subnautica is full of adventures and full and in some places, it is terrifying but still, it can’t be called a horror game.