Shroud Apex Settings: Video & Graphics Settings + PC Setup

Shroud Apex Settings: Video & Graphics Settings + PC Setup 2024

Michael Grzesiek is a 27-year-old Canadian player and streamer also known as Shroud in the world of Multiplayer Gaming. It is a known name for game enthusiasts who play Apex Legends. It is a famous name and one of the most celebrated gamers in the world of online multiplayer games. This streamer is from Mississauga, Canada, and he has a great fan following on his streams. 

Shroud Apex Settings: Video & Graphics Settings + PC Setup

Shroud made his name in the world of multiplayer games by starting from ‘CS: GO‘ for the American e-sports organization in which he was with the team ‘Cloud9’.

This gaming superstar left the team and is now active on his profile and interacts with his fans through social media and other such platforms. He has been seen playing a lot of multiplayer games like Fortnite, PUBG, CS: GO, Cod and others. 

Shroud Apex Settings 

Shroud has a high spec system for gaming and streaming, and in case you are interested in knowing about his game settings for Apex Legends, then you can learn about them from this post. But before you want to look at the settings, you should also know about the gaming system and specs that Shroud has in order to play and stream games all day. 

Shroud PC Specs 

Shroud has a strong gaming setup with a very powerful playstyle. You should know the specs that he has in his gaming system.  

  • CPU: Shroud uses a powerful CPU of AMD Ryzen 9 5950X chipset to run and stream Apex Legends. 
  • GPU: Shroud uses NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 in 2021 to play Apex Legends and other games online. 
  • Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix X570-I Gaming motherboard is the latest addition to Shroud’s gaming setup. 
  • Memory: A powerful HyperX Predator RGB 64GB RAM is also included in Shroud’s gaming system. 
  • Case: The casing that Shroud uses in 2021 is MAINGEAR VYBE. 
  • Shroud’s Setup: Shroud has the following setup for his gaming gear. 
  • Microphone: The microphone that Shroud uses for streaming is Blue Microphones Mouse 
  • Arm: Shroud uses RODE PSA1 arm as well. 
  • Mixer: The mixer that Shroud uses with his setup is Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. 
  • Chair: Shroud has a Herman Miller x Logitech Embody chair for gaming. 
  • Webcam: Shroud is using Sony Alpha a6000 as a webcam for his live streams. 

Shroud Apex Legends Video & Graphics Settings 

Now, as you know all the specs and details of Shroud’s gaming system, it’s time to discuss the best video and graphic settings that Shroud uses to play Apex Legends. 

Shroud Apex Settings: Video & Graphics Settings + PC Setup
  • Window Mode: The window mode that Shroud uses is Fullscreen 
  • Resolution: Shroud uses a screen resolution of 1920×1080 
  • Refresh Rate:  The refresh rate of Shroud monitors is 240 Hz 
  • Aspect ratio: Shroud’s monitor aspect ratio is 16:9 
  • FOV : Shroud uses 104 FOV for Apex 
  • Vsync: Shroud keeps Vsync to OFF 
  • Display Mode: The display of Shroud’s gaming is always set to full screen.  
  • Adaptive Resolution FPS: The adaptive resolution FPS setting for Shroud’s gaming system is always 0. 
  • Anti-Aliasing: Shroud sets Anti-aliasing to None 
  • Texture Streaming Budget: This option is set to Insan with 8GB VRAM. 
  • Texture Filtering: Texture filtering is set to anisotropic 4x by Shroud. 
  • Ambient Occlusion Quality: This option is set to Disabled by Shroud.  
  • Sun Shadow Coverage: It is set to Low by Shroud. 
  • Sun Shadow Detail: Sun Shadow Details are set to Low by Shroud 
  • Spot Shadow Detail: Shroud disables this option. 
  • Volumetric Lighting: This option is also disabled by Shroud. 
  • Dynamic Spot Shadows: Shroud sets dynamic spot shadows to Disabled. 
  • Model Detail: Model Details are set to High by Shroud 
  • Effect Details: Effect details are set to Low by Shroud. 
  • Impact Marks: Impact marks are also turned to Low by Shroud. 
  • Ragdolls: Shroud keeps the Ragdolls to Low setting. 
  • Shroud Keybinds: The key bindings that Shroud uses for his gaming are mentioned below.  
  • Sprint: Shroud uses L-shift for sprinting in the game. 
  • Jump: Shroud uses the Space key to jump. 
  • Crouch: C is set for crouching. 
  • Crouch (Hold): Shroud uses L-CTRL to hold crouch. 
  • Tactical Ability: Q is set by Shroud to use Tactical ability. 
  • Ultimate Ability: Shroud uses Y/Mouse 5 button to use the ultimate ability. 
  • Interact: Shroud uses the F key to interact. 
  • Inventory: TAB key is used for Shroud to open up inventory. 
  • Fire Mode: B button is set for fire mode by Shroud. 
  • Melee: Shroud has set V as a button for a melee attack. 
  • Reload: R key is used for Reloading the gun. 
  • Cycle Weapon: Shroud uses the middle mouse button to Cycle its weapons. 
  • Equip Grenades: Shroud uses G key to equip grenades. 
  • Shield Toggle: H key is used to toggle Shield. 
  • Health Item: Button 4 key is used to use health items by Shroud.


This was a discussion about Shroud Apex Settings, and we discussed all key bindings and settings for videos as well as for graphics in the game that are used by Shroud. Various players can take help through these key bindings to improve their games. 


How old Is Shroud? 

Shroud is 27 years old Canadian streamer who has spent most of his time playing games and streaming content on various platforms.

What headset does Shroud use?

Shroud is currently using the Logitech G Pro X headset for gaming and streaming Apex Legends.  

What is the real name of Shroud? 

The real name of Shroud is Michael Grzesiek, and he is one of the finest esports players. 

What monitor does Shroud use for gaming? 

Shroud updates his gaming system and his monitor screen with time every year. But currently, he is using BenQ XL2540, which has a high refresh rate of 240Hz and it supports a good resolution of 1920×1080 resolution. 

What mouse is Shroud using? 

Currently, the Logitech G303 gaming mouse is being used by Shroud, and the DPI are set to 400 by Shroud for gaming with a sensitivity that is set to 3. 

Is Shroud a good player? 

Shroud is one of the most known and finest players for online multiplayer games like PUBG. CS: GO, Apex Legends and various other such games. 

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