Best Call of Duty Mobile Settings: Graphics, sensitivity & More

Best Call of Duty Mobile Settings: Graphics, sensitivity & More

We’ve started delving into COD Mobile’s many modes, but it doesn’t always seem like we’ve nailed the control system and settings. The game’s best players, thankfully, have revealed their settings for us to use.  

Control settings: 

The basic control mode is suitable for every level of player, from novice to expert, but if you want to take your game to the next level and compete, the advanced mode is the way to go. First of All, select ‘custom’ settings from the drop-down menu. The steps listed below will be followed. 

  • Assault Rifles: ADS “on” is recommended for Assault Rifles 
  • Shotguns: Hip – Shotguns are commonly utilised without ADS because they are close-range weapons. As a result, the Hip option is the better choice. 
  • LMGs: Set ADS to “On” for LMGs 
  • SMGs: for SMGs, ADS Should also be on 
  • Sniper rifles and Pistols: ADS should also be On 
Best Call of Duty Mobile Settings: Graphics, sensitivity & More

Basic settings: 

  • ADS: Tap to ADS  
  • Aim Assist should be On 
  • The display location of the Virtual Joystick should be On as well. 
  • Fast Throw Grenade: Off – If you’re too stressed to deal with targeting it, it might be situational. If speciality throws aren’t important to you, keep it on. 
  • Recommended joystick Auto-Sprint is On 
  • Fixed R-Fire: It should be On 
  • Fixed Joystick should be Off 
  • Recommended Right Fire button for Fixed Perspective is Off 
  • Quick Run: On (from Prone) 
  • Display left fire button: On – You may remove it if you think it is more distracting than useful, but being able to fire down an opponent with either hand is not a terrible choice. 
  • Slide: While sprinting, tap crouch. 
  • Release r-fire button of shotgun to hip fire: Off 

Graphic Settings: 

Call of Duty mobile is a fantastic game to look at, but if you want to be competitive, you’ll need best graphics settings. For professional gamers, performance always takes precedence over aesthetics, so try to keep your framerate as high as possible at all times. By the way, there are several advantages to having a high framerate even if you’re gaming on a regular 60 Hz display. 

  • Graphic quality: Low – The reason is straightforward. Lower graphics settings allow you to have the highest framerate available at all times while being stable. 
  • Depth of field: Off 
  • Bloom: For Playing Cod Bloom should be Off 
  • Real-time shadows: In COD ideal settings real-time shadows should be Off 
  • Frame rate: Max – The most essential modification you must make. Maximum FPS is required to get the greatest possible experience in every Call of Duty: Mobile match. 
  • Ragdoll: Off – The interesting mechanics in finishing maneuvers aren’t worth the performance hit. 
  • Anti-aliasing: Anti Aliasing Should also be Off 
  • BR Mode graphic style: Any – Dynamic’s enhanced colours may make it simpler to identify adversaries, but I wouldn’t get too worked up about it. 
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Sensitivity settings: 

To access the sensitivity setting menu, click the icon at the top of the main menu and navigate to the sensitivity menu on the top bar. Each player’s Fixed Speed setting gives you more control over their character’s movement. Fixed speed makes your movement predictable, but the acceleration choices lead you to spin more quickly. 

Pro-player camera sensitivities are as follows: 

  • Rotation mode: Fixed speed 
  • Sensitivity switch: Turn on while ADS is open 
  • ADS sensitivity should be 145 
  • Sniper scope sensitivity: recommended is 65 
  • Tactical scope sensitivity: 160 
  • Standard scope sensitivity: 94 
  • 3x scope sensitivity is at 100  
  • 4x scope sensitivity: 60 will be best 
  • 6x scope sensitivity: 40 is recomended 
  • 8x scope sensitivity: 30 is ideal. 
  • Sensitivity presets: Custom 

Gyroscope sensitivity: 

  • Gyro ADS: Gyro ADS Sensitivity should be 75 
  • Tactical sens: 57 
  • Standard sens: 140 
  • Sniper scope sens: 59 
  • Recommended Gyro3x scope: 65 4x scope sens is 45, 6x scope sens is 25 and 8x scope sensitivity is 15 

While all of the aforementioned are included in the suggested sensitivity levels, they are also strongly influenced by your device and screen size, as well as resolution. It is recommended that you use the preceding as a starting point for how they should look and then modify it to your liking/device. Furthermore, because of how subjective bespoke layouts may be, we did not discuss them. Every player has their own preferred arrangement that best suits their fingers/hands. 

We don’t recommend any particular design, but we do recommend that you experiment with it rather than utilizing the default one. 


In conclusion, there are no ideal Call of Duty Mobile settings. It’s all about personal choice and what works best for you, if you’ve been paying attention. These call of duty mobile layout and sensitivity will give you an idea of how to play the game in general. However, the final work and training must be completed alone by you.



Is it possible to run COD Mobile with only 1GB of RAM? 

A smart phone with at least 2GB of RAM and Android 5.1 Lollipop or above is required to play Call of Duty Mobile. The game may be played on any Apple iOS device that runs iOS 9 or above.  

Is it possible to play Cod Mobile with 120 frames per second? 

Call of Duty: Mobile now supports a smooth 120 frames per second frame rate. Faster refresh rates have long been coveted by PC gamers, and this trend is now extending to console and smart phone gaming. 

Who is the top player on the mobile version of COD? 

iFerg is a Youtuber who is a jack-of-all-trades who has mastered the first-person Call of Duty on many platforms. However, when it comes to top player on COD Mobile, he is on the top of the list. 

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