Best Gaming Chair To Buy Under 5000 To 20000

Best Gaming Chair To buy Under 5000 to 20000

The best gaming chairs are those that have good comfort and the best sitting posture, which comes with a customizability option as well. Gamers spend most of their day in front of their PC to play and try new games and even stream their content for a lot of time. For this purpose, they need something that is comfortable and energetic for them so that they don’t get tired easily. this brings in the need for the best gaming chair to provide comfort and ease to a player.

In case you are one of the gamers and you are in search of a gaming chair for your daily use, then there are various options as gaming chairs from which you can select. But before getting your hands on any one of them, you should compare the specifications of each chair and understand which chair best suits your requirement so that you can get it for yourself and enjoy your days. So let’s see the best gaming chairs that are available for PC gamers to buy.

Best Gaming Chair Under 5000


Aliza Sigma Medium Back

Best Gaming Chair Under 5000

Aliza Sigma is a low-back office chair that you can use with your computer for gaming if you are running low on budget. This one is particularly in medium black that gives a good look having a contoured mesh back. Having a metal-based frame, this chair is an amazingly durable, quality chair that would last for years. You get the following specifications with this chair.


Manufacturer:‎ Aliza Chairs 
Dimensions: 55 x 60 x 104 cm 
Item model number: Aliza 102 A 
Item Weight: ‎9 kg

This chair has breathable quality filling to provide you comfort, no matter whether it’s hot or cold weather. You don’t get tired sitting on this chair all day and working your things off. It has a tilt mechanism and a lock for you so that you can easily adjust and settle this chair. The lever can easily control the adjustments so that your body can fit pretty well on the seat.

It has a rotating swing under the seat that moves along with the natural movements of your body, allowing you to relax and chill in front of your gaming computer. It lets you stretch your feet and make yourself comfortable after a tiring day so that you can feel free and independent of any rough day tasks.

Your arms can fit perfectly to the size of the table, making you comfortable and proper in position so that you can sit appropriately. It has a basic assembly with a sturdy frame made of steel that won’t bend or get corrosion over the years of use. There are height adjustment instructions with it from where you can easily lower or raise the height of your chair. You also get tilt mode to slightly reclining and reshape the posture.


  • Reclining and stylish seat
  • 3D adjustable armrests
  • Rotating chair
  • Decent design


  • It can get damaged easily

Best Gaming Chair Under 10000

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AmazonBasics Mid Back Office Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 10000

In case your budget is around 10000, then you can consider the AmazonBasics office chair. This is a chair that comes with 14kgs of weight. It is made up of leather that provides a great feel and comfort when you spend hours gaming and relax from a tiring day. The look of this chair is pretty modern, and you will feel professional while using this gaming chair for your work, even when you are using a laptop or your computer.


Dimensions : 66x63x99cm
Weight : 14kg
Model number: HL-002566
Assembly Required: Yes
Primary Material: Leather
Capacity: Standard
Mattress Comfort: Upholstered

The AmazonBasics will add comfort and style to your home use chair needs. You can get this mid-back chair for your daily use, and you can spend hours on this gaming chair in front of your PC to play games and do your work as well. The professional look and feel of this chair are what everybody would want. Its cutting-edge profile and refined appearance offer an expert search for any area, while smooth shapes and flexible settings consider the entire day’s comfort.

This gaming chair is upholstered in dark pleather, padded seat and back for the entire day comfort, pneumatic seat-stature change, double wheel casters, and 124.7 KGS greatest weight limit. It has an estimation of 24.02 inches deep by 24.02 inches wide. The straightforward pneumatic controls let you raise or lower your seat and rock back in your seat or remain solidly sitting upright.

The flexible gaming chair offers an ergonomically right situated position, which is significant when at your work area or while sitting in front of your PC for extended lengths of time. To raise the seat, lean forward to eliminate your weight from the seat, then, at that point, pull up on the control handle. To bring down the seat, stay situated and pull up on the control handle until you’re the place where you need to be.

You can pull out on the control handle, which permits your seat to shift back and push the control in to keep it from shifting. A pressure handle under the seat makes it simpler or harder to move back in your seat position, depending upon what direction you turn it.

This chair gives a smooth, flexible, dark pleather feel along with comfort. The dark leather upholstery covers both the cushioned seat, which is square-molded, and a headrest. It has dark, bent, finished nylon armrests that offer added backing and comfort for you. The seat turns for performing multiple tasks comfort, while its tough double wheels are durable to last for years.


  • Smooth and flexible gaming chair
  • Rocking positions and adjustments
  • Rolling and rotating option
  • Fine leather foamy design


  • You sweat when you sit for too long on this chair.

Best Gaming Chair Under 15000

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Sunon Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 15000

This is the best gaming chair when you have a budget under 15000 because it has a design of a racing car seat. It’s like a bucket seat that adjusts the person fully inside it and makes the user fall in love with the chair and enjoy his computer work. It is easy to assemble as it comes in separate pieces where you also get a swivel. This is for passionate gamers who can get the budget-friendly, high-quality gaming chair just by spending a little bit of their savings.


Manufacturer: ZIHANG 
Dimensions: ‏: 123×54 x84 cm
Item part number: ZHGCFTBR 
Item Weight: 17 kg

The ergonomic gaming chair for PC is equipped with high-thickness adaptable padding along with a high backrest and adaptable armrests that will give you the ultimate comfort. It has a high back and the open armrests with delicate cushion will embrace each bend of your body and present to you a ton of amazing relaxation and comfort. The slick look causes you to want to sit in a dashing seat while enjoying your games all day long.

Additionally, you can have the retractable back of the chair. With this ergonomic gaming chair, you can comfortably play your number one games in your home or in your office the entire day. It has dimensions of 122.5cm to 130cm that fits well to any body size, and it can be adjusted to fit the suitable body accordingly.
By moving the side handle, the backrest can be shifted and locked between 90-135 degrees for inclining according to your requirements. Also, the base can be unreservedly extended and withdrawn as you need. It is furnished with a separable cushioned headrest pad and lumbar pad that can ensure your neck and back gets comfortable support.

It has timber padding at the back, which is helpful when you are really tired. The body of this chair is made up of high-quality PVC calfskin. This gaming chair is worn safe and simple to clean. The Class-3 gas lift confirmed by SGS gives the gaming seat stable seat living function. The hardcore metal base (360-degree turn) with 5 smooth-moving PU caster wheels makes a sturdy structure that guarantees the moving seat moving steadily and easily.

The gaming seat requires essential assembly followed by the instructions that are given in the manual. You can assemble the chair by yourself, and in case if you can, then consider contacting a professional to do so.


  • PVC Calfskin
  • Wear safe and smooth
  • Inclination to 90-135 degrees
  • 360 swivel turn
  • Adjustable arms and height


  • The wheels are not that strong.
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MRC EXECUTIVE CHAIR Predator Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 15000

This is a racing-style seat called the Predator Series produced by MRC Executive Chair for an ultimate gaming experience for the gamers. With this chair, users feel like they are sitting in a racecar, and it helps to lift up the mood and make you feel like you are in a racecar while you play computer games. There is a complete manual with instructions on this chair that help you assemble the chair and set it up properly. The specifications of this gaming chair are. 


Manufacturer: Mahadev Steel Furniture 
Product Dimensions : 99.06×101.6×127 cm 
Country of Origin: India 
Item Weight: 15 kg 
Included Components: chair assembly, stand with hydraulic & wheel

There are various adjustable features like its armrests, and the headrest has a tilting position and setting that adjusts with your sitting posture. Created and intended for the individuals who are in their seats for at least six hours of the day, the model has a well-informed plan to improve usefulness and best solace with exceptionally ergonomically design. This seat can be handily tweaked to fit essentially any size of a person. 

The Predator Gaming Chair is the Big Boss’ Ergonomic extravagant, super luxury, high back seat ideally with a headrest. The Chair offers unrivaled lumbar help, 360-degree rotation alternatives for easy portability, and pneumatic stature changes. Some of them have cascade front seat edges to facilitate the pressure from the lower legs and extensively further develop the flow. 
The PU leather material offers relaxation to the users while sitting. The High-back plan offers to back to the full-back and neck area. The seat’s five-star base has a 360-degree turn. You can also enjoy an open seating space while you work on your computer. This unbelievably flexible chair for gaming has been a top choice among gamers. 

The inclining and leaning back point is 180 degrees, with which you can occasionally recline to rest as you work. Amazing arm pressure handle seat controls the movement and your will to control the leaning position. Regardless of whether you are playing your games on the computer or you are going to sleep, MRC chairs have a right point to meet your requirements. 

This gaming chair has a solidly constructed handle with flexible arms, which makes your hand rest more agreeable and changed according to your work area size. The material utilized in arms causes you to feel great and delicate while hands are kept on that. 
One of the unique elements in the seat is back can be changed according to your help. The lumbar back seat gives you alleviation from the backside. A standout amongst another seat for rolling around and working extended periods of time.

Best Gaming Chair Under 20000

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Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series GS-734U

Best Gaming Chair Under 20000

In case you are good on your budget and you want to go for top gaming chairs that cost around 20000, then you need to take a look at Green Soul Monster GS-734U. This is a multi-functional gaming chair with an ergonomic design that comes in full black, giving a sleek dark look. It is a large size chair that fits a man of every size. You can use this chair to spend hours gaming at the solace of your home. The specifications of this chair are. 


Manufacturer: Green Soul 
Product Dimensions : 50×71 x133 cm
Item model number: GS734U_FullBlack 
Country of Origin: China 
Item Weight: 23 kg 
Included Components: Chair Parts and Assembly Instructions

Gamers or professionals cant stay at work all day. They need to relax a little bit and take time off to play games or to do other activities. For this, they require a comfortable and sturdy chair that can tolerate the weight and pressure of their body and the activities that they do while sitting on the chair. To extend the boundaries, a gaming chair like the Green Soul can help to relax better and get a taste of ultimate gaming in the comfort of your home. 

Movable neck/head cushion made of velour upholstery and enough cushioning gives a top-notch look and gives the most extreme solace to your neck, particularly when you play or work for extended periods of time. The flexible, adaptable padding lumbar cushion with velour upholstery won’t just give a top-notch look yet; in addition, it gives your back an ideal stance. The back can be leaned back when required. 

Movable and cushioned armrests are made of PU Carbon Texture that is delicate to contact yet holds the completing properties needed for a decent grasp. It is customizable in 4 Dimensions-Left and Right, Angled Left and Angled Right, Front and Backwards, Up and Down. The Monster Ultimate seat accompanies a breathable premium delicate texture that permits wind flow and gives a cool and happy sitting position, and keeps the air streaming on your back for an upgraded air course for avoiding heat development.

With this gaming chair, the users can experience the difference between luxurious fabric and other cheap fabrics. The internal frame of this chair is made from metal, having a large frame size and a Spandex Fabric + PU leather upholstery material. There is a Neck/Head Pillow padding of Velour material, and you also get a lumbar pillow. Memory foam is used in most places for providing softness, and there molding is applied everywhere. The chair is in black. 

This chair has a newly engineered frog mechanism, and it has any position lock feature available. It can rock at approximately 15 Degrees where it also has an adjustable backrest with an angle: 90-180 Degrees. It is built on heavy-duty and high-quality metal base and has a Caster Wheel Size of 60mm Dual Caster Wheels.

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MISURAA Xenon Aluminium High Back 

Best Gaming Chair Under 20000

The last option and one of the best chairs for gaming is the MISURA A Xenon High Back aluminum chair. This is the best gaming chair under 20000 that you can get for your home use. You can spend hours of time playing your favorite games in front of a computer screen by using this chair without even getting tired. The chair is extremely beautiful with its styling and unique designs with sharp cutting over the edges giving a sleek look. The specifications of this chair are.


Manufacturer: MISURAA
Product Dimensions : 68x71x120 cm
Item model number: Xenon White High Back 
Country of Origin
: China 
Item Weight: 16 kg

This gaming chair is your top choice with its numerous adjustable features that assure you of finding a suitable and comfortable seating position for yourself. You can change the lumbar help stature, the seat stature, the seat adjustment, the armrest size, the headrest size and point, the backrest area, and the strain.

This gaming chair is made to last. It has a weight capacity of up to 140kgs and is produced using the best materials, including a nylon network seat and back, solid arm with delicate nylon cushion, movable headrests, dye cast Aluminum base, and substantial caster wheels that permit you to move effectively across covered and hard floor.

DIY guidelines empower anybody to assemble this seat in seven steps. Then, at that point, once constructed, you have the choice to change the seat according to your requirements. You can undoubtedly track down the ergonomic position that will permit you to turn out easily for a significant duration of time.

This seat incorporates movable lumbar help and a lean back includes that permits you to shift the backrest or sit straight. The molding plan of the back itself offers help to the lower and mid-back and helps in staying away from or lessening any sort of pain or discomfort. Presently you can discover a place that causes your back to feel most relaxed.

By getting rid of froth and texture, the development of warmth and moistness of the body is diminished. The breathable fabric on the back, just as the seat of this ergonomic gaming chair, offers help while keeping your body cool and comfortable. Cool air circles through the fabric, keeping your back and thighs sans sweat and permitting you to sit in the seat serenely for longer timeframes contrasted with other chairs.


This was a discussion about the best gaming chairs that you can get from the market for a good price. We discussed all types of available options at different pricing, and we hope that you found your best suitable option just in case when you had enough.


Should I buy a gaming chair?

A gaming chair provides comfort and ease to your back and neck and allows you to rest while you game all day on your PC. These chairs are pretty much the best option for you, and you should definitely buy one.

Are Gaming Chairs Cheap?

Gaming chairs are not cheap as they have many features which include ergonomic design, comfortable cushioning, and adjustable and reclining body frame with sturdy construction material. All these things make them pretty expensive than normal chairs. You can only get cheap gaming chairs if you buy them from someone instead of a dealership.

Which Is The Best Chair For Gaming?

The Secretlab Titan Series is the best chair for gaming which is comfortable and durable and it is being sold across the world to gamers.