Stormshot Tier List

Stormshot Tier List June 2024 – Top Tier Heroes

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure is a game that takes you into a whole new world where you can command a force and grant them advantages in the military. You will enjoy a lot while playing this game with the strongest heroes that you can imagine. A Stormshot Tier List will help you decide which heroes to prefer and which ones to ignore. When used at home, these heroes also offer additional benefits and can boost your economy.

One of the simplest methods that players need to comprehend when playing an RTS game is keeping your estate active. Real-time strategy games give bonuses to players who can spend their time well and complete as many valuable tasks as they can in a short period of time. While having fun, keeping your force occupied on the estate will prove to be a wise decision.

By joining an alliance, you get respect from other players who will be much less likely to attack you once they see that you are supported by other strong players. Remember, if you want to achieve security, it is always preferable to join a strong alliance than to forge your own. But which players to choose from? Here is a tier list, including the best list of players that you need to see.

Stormshot Tier List (S Tier)

In this game, the S Tier heroes have the greatest starting stats and are typically regarded as the best units to have. The troops on this list are there because Stormshot made the class the strongest in the game; therefore, it seems to sense that they would be there.

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The best hero with absurdly high base stats and potent skills is Conrad. Strength is Conrad’s primary stat. This is an offensive stat that enhances the attacks of your army, which is crucial if you’re attempting to overwhelm an opponent’s forces. He can rush through enemy lines while having a potent attacking capability. You can get past enemy structures and defenses a lot faster if your assault stat is strong. Additionally, as a result of this, the enemy suffers higher battle casualties.

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With the highest starting stats, Rozabela is also an S-tier character. She may command the strongest unit type in the game as a cavalier, which will greatly increase the power of your army as a whole. This character is just too excellent to pass up, therefore, players who want to put together a strong army will always want to utilize her in their armies.

Stormshot Tier List (A Tier)

The A-Tier Heroes are of the infantry class, where they also play a significant role in the army, and they have quite high stats. Since the infantry makes up the vast majority of any army, these heroes are very helpful for novices.


Leofric is the best infantry hero in Stormshot, having the highest initial stats and the greatest stat increase. Infantrymen aren’t particularly remarkable, and their main advantage is the ability to attack in swarms. He offers a boost to strength, making him an incredibly potent attacker. When attempting to lay siege to another enemy’s estate, he is the ideal commander to have.

He automatically gets the benefit of the doubt for being the superior unit to have in your army because the strength stat is the more advantageous quality for infantry soldiers. Leofric perfectly complements this by enabling the hero to raise a huge army that can destroy the foe’s defenses.


Peggy is well-recognized for having a significant role in your opening exchanges. Her primary stat is intelligence. This stat is quite helpful for cavaliers when attacking, but infantrymen don’t really require it since they are typically thrown away in battle. She may serve as both your main guide and a potent commander inside your estate, enabling your men to effectively repel enemies.

The protection of your army is improved by intelligence, which is helpful in lowering the number of men lost in battle. Peggy can make infantry soldiers a potent force in the estate’s defense, however, to take advantage of this stat.

Stormshot Tier List (B Tier)

Heroes from Tier B are still helpful, but only in specific circumstances. Since each of the heroes in this tier has their own unique settings where they can shine brightly, unlike the previous tiers, it lacks a distinct class.


Phoebus is a garrison hero, which means he focuses on protecting your home from intruders. You should always have a garrison hero on hand in your estate because you never know when a rival player might decide to launch an assault on you. He doesn’t provide advantages to your soldiers when you’re attacking, unlike specialized heroes, but the main benefit of having garrison heroes is that they have an impact on all classes.

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This implies that men in the cavalry, infantry, and ranged formations can all profit from his leadership. Phoebus is the character in Stormshot who offers the highest value out of all the other garrison heroes.


Tamir is a strong hero who boosts the strength of your fellow heroes and ranged soldiers. His main stat is agility, which raises critical strike modifiers as well as HP. This hero’s special ability allows him to enhance the powers of other heroes, which is the key factor in his high value. Utilizing your military to gather resources from various nodes in the area is the last and greatest method for doing so in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure.