Space Leaper Cocoon Tier List [month] [year] - Top Tier Heroes

Space Leaper Cocoon Tier List April 2024 – Top Tier Heroes

Space Leaper Cocoon is an adventurous game in which you can find the hidden secrets of the adventurous world. It is a 2D roleplaying game developed by Damo Network Limited that has a clean anime style, animated models, and amazing graphics. In case you want to know what characters are the strongest in the game, then this is a complete Space Leaper Cocoon Tier List that you need to see.

In this game, you have to build your team stronger by unlocking characters to combat in the battle, and by using rewards, you can upgrade them and can unlock new features. You can experience the best gaming style by using Bluestack Emulator.

Space Leaper Cocoon Tier List

Characters in the Space Leaper Cocoon are called Leapers, ranging from 1-3 stars or a maximum of 5 stars. All the characters belong to some specific class. These include;

Space Leaper Cocoon Tier List April 2024 - Top Tier Heroes

Support heroes

They helps the characters to restore their health and give allies the buffs and other benefits. It has no direct attack on the enemies and cant damage them but supports its partners so they can fight better.

Tank heroes

They are the actual heroes of the game. They absorb damage and fight in the frontline to protect the entire time from enemies. They provide proper back to all the team and sustain their survivability. Took at least 1 Tank in with you during a fight, and if the fight is too hard, then you can bring 2 Tanks to your team for survival.

Hunter heroes

Hunters are the most valuable on the battlefield. They can attack in a long-range, and they are valuable as supporting or main DPS. Bring at least 2 hunters to your team to finish the fight quickly.

Assassin heroes

The Assassins are the most dangerous because they attack the enemy’s squad from behind very quickly. They can absorb damage but are most fragile and vulnerable to CC. Bring at least 1 Assassin to your squad for emergency use.

Mage heroes

Mages are the same as Hunters but can deal damage in wide areas easily. They provide powerful buffs to the enemy’s squad and quickly remove them from the wide range.

Fighter heroes

Fighters are the main DPS of the game. They are on the frontline and prevent the enemies to reach their squad. They deal with the attacks and kill them or bring their health to zero. Fighters are the most fragile and can also deal with more damage as compared to others.

You have to balance your team by distributing different roles for the different characters. Each unit has its own class and elements like wind, liquid, flame, stone, chaos, and order. Depending upon their work, you can train them and upgrade their features by activating bonuses.

Space leaper Cocoon has five major tiers

  • Tier 1- Best
  • Tier 2- Good
  • Tier 3- Decent
  • Tier 4- Average
  • Tier 5- Below Average
Space Leaper Cocoon Tier List April 2024 - Top Tier Heroes

Tier 1 Characters

Tier 1 has the best characters in the list, and victory shall be yours if you use that characters. These are also called Grade X characters. It might be changed later;

  • Clara – Assassin
  • Peru – Hunter 
  • Queena – Tank
  • X – Assassin
  • Doranana – Mage
  • Doris – Tank
  • Leonlev – Fighter
  • Monni – Mage
  • Becky – Tier 1

Tier 2 Characters

Tier 2 Characters are the good characters of the game but not as powerful as tier 1 characters, but they are good if you team up with the right composition. These are also classified as Grade a characters. And as you know, the game has just been released, so the characters might be changed;

  • Owen -Support
  • Patch – Tank
  • Vitty Sea Dream – Tank
  • Latika – Hunter
  • Moon – Assassin
  • Sariel – Fighter
  • Diye – Support
  • Fai – Hunter

Tier 3 Characters

Tier 3 has some decent characters and is also called Grade B characters. They are not the best, but still you can use them;

  • J-001 Sea Dream – Mage
  • Golin – Tank
  • Amber – Assassin
  • Tako – Mage
  • WestyWoofd

Tier 4 Characters

Characters of Tier 4 are average and can be classified as Grade C characters, and they are not the best. Try to replace them as soon as possible and don’t invest too much in them. These are;

  • Millie – Assassin
  • Lucinda – Fighter
  • Jade – Hunter
  • Mica – Fighter

Tier 5 Characters

Characters of tier 5 are below average and are also called Grade D characters. These are the worst and most useless characters in the game because they are too much weak. Try to avoid these;

  • Scarlett – Fighter
  • Miyamoto Ritsuko – Support
  • Taraxa – Hunter

A piece of advice for you is that, after completing the tutorial, you will reach the summoning screen where you can summon the characters. You have to decide first which character you want to summon to play the game. If you don’t get the character you want, then you have to reroll and repeat that process until you don’t get the desired character. It might be time taking, but you once you become a pro then, it will be so easy for you to play the game.