Heroes of Crown tier list - Top Tier Heroes

Heroes of Crown tier list June 2024 – Top Tier Heroes

Heroes of Crown is a brand-new RPG game in which we must cope with several 3D graphics moments. It is of the idle strategic genre that may be played without much grinding. Your visual experience will undoubtedly be improved by its excellent 3D visuals. Once you have a hero, all you need to do is idle while resources are being automatically gathered. The heroes in the game have different powers, and they can be divided into different tiers. This is why we made this Heroes of Crown tier list.

It is required of players by nature to obtain a 5-star hero since doing so is essential to winning this game. Your initial draw will get you a 5-star hero. You don’t need to farm or level up for this game, but it will be a unique experience full of action and adventure. You may then control the battlefield with your clever hero combinations after you have a hero. For this, you need to understand which heroes are the strongest and which ones are the weakest.

Tier List for Heroes of Crown

There are various heroes in this game, and they are divided into separate tiers. Each of the six categories in our tier list of heroes will specify how effectively these troops can function throughout games.

Heroes of Crown tier list June 2024 - Top Tier Heroes

Tier S: These are god-powered units that have no weaknesses throughout the entire game. The tier S heroes will possess the most remarkable abilities.

Tier A: This tier heroes are highly competent.

Tier B: These troops perform admirably overall but poorly in difficult stages.

Tier C: These are the units that display average gameplay skills.

Tier D: The heroes of Tier D are the least talented and won’t help your gameplay significantly.

S Tier

The strongest heroes in the game, frequently capable of supporting whole teams. Despite being the most challenging to unlock, these are the ones you should always keep with you.

Viya Celestial Spear

Viya is a serious candidate for the title of top DPS in the game because to her excellent AoE damage potential, ability to boost foes, and ability to deliver more damage with each attack.

Pearl Baby Shark

Pearl is the best mage for dealing with the most dangerous adversaries on the other side since she targets the adversary with the greatest ATK and provides enormous damage to them early on. She also possesses several respectable AoE abilities and the sporadic capacity to provide slowing debuffs.

Merilyn Lord of Time

It’s true that having a strong healer on your squad may be crucial in gacha games like Heroes of Crown. And Merilyn just so happens to be the best in this aspect, capable of not just healing absurd amounts of damage but also actually reviving teammates.

A Tier

The characters on this tier are not as strong as those on the one before them; however, they are still fairly powerful in and of themselves. However, they can take you deep into the game with a smart squad composition and tactics; they just might need a little additional encouragement.

Master Dragon Tang

Due to his ability to bolster himself with shields and other advantageous effects while actively lowering the damage suffered by his friends, Tang is one of the greatest tanks available. A good tank should be someone who can shield others from injury in addition to having strong health and defense, and Tang has all of these criteria.

Fire Dragon Nelly Ishtar

Nelly Ishtar has the unique ability to use one of her talents to apply a Burning debuff to an enemy and then deliver tremendous damage to them while they are under the effect of the stated Burning condition. She is a strong tank buster since she does greater damage to Warrior foes.

Seraphine Sea Guardian

A tank character with a lot of damage-dealing potential. She doesn’t have the skills to defend her friends, but she can deal out a variety of debuffs and even heal herself while dealing damage, making her one of the game’s most independent Warriors.

Tier B

Characters in the B Tier are average but serviceable; therefore, you should swap them out as soon as you can summon stronger characters in the higher tiers.

Sark Deep Sea Fury

A capable Ranger who becomes stronger as the fight progresses. He may also increase the damage dealt to the targets of his initial skill by up to three times, dealing up to an additional 30% more damage.

Alicia Daughter of Flame

She is the main character; you have her from the beginning and will probably use her for a lot longer. She can boost herself and replenish Rage after each opponent’s defeat and possesses respectable AoE damage. She’s a fantastic option for a starting character that you may enhance at any time.

Huntress Elovi

Elovi is an effective nuker in that she delivers tremendous damage to weaker troops, making her ideal for eliminating valuable targets. She can also deliver a ton of damage to enemy tanks as her initial talent does extra damage equivalent to the target’s maximum HP.

C Tier

The primary purpose of this tier is to highlight the Heroes of Crown characters who you should stay away from due to either poor stats, poor skills, or a mix of both.

Archivist Augustus

Little damage is dealt by his initial talent, and while it occasionally grants an ally a DMG bonus, you can’t really pick whose teammate it benefits because it hits all of them equally. Additionally, Augustus’ standard strikes have a 30% chance of silencing the target, which is excellent but might result in the wrong targets being silenced given that you can’t direct the attacks. His unpredictability makes him a bad character all around.

Laigna’s Elf Prince

Laigna would be adequate as a character who can use poison and bleeding effects to take out adversaries in any other situation. He is highly inconsistent because he only has a fixed probability of applying the debuffs to foes with each hit. In the worst-case scenario, you may even find yourself not dealing much damage and going the entire battle without dealing a single bleed or poison effect.

Pirate King Lada

A warrior-type unit with some tankiness in and of himself but nothing else going for him. He can create shields for himself and lessen the damage that foes deal, but his damage output is just average.