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Mythic Heroes Tier List April 2024 – Top Tier Heroes

Mythic Heroes is a game that provides an experience of God-like characters having the special abilities to take on the enemies. Every one of them is from various societies and cultures, where you call and structure your own extraordinary group. You should battle against the powers that undermine the world while upgrading your military’s capacities, abilities, and weapons as you leave on an experience to save the existence of your world.

The Mythic Hero’s best characters are categorized on the basis of their power and performance for battles and different conditions. You will need the strongest team to succeed, so you will have to assemble your group with the best Mythic heroes team comp. To learn about the best characters to choose from and understand the tier list ratings, this guide will help you with the right data about everything.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for the best picks for PVP, PVE, or top boss fights, we’ve listed each character in each tier to help you with setting up your team.

Mythic Heroes Tier List

Mythic Heroes Tier List  April 2024 - Top Tier Heroes

To understand the tier list of Mythic Heroes, you need to understand the level and performance of each of the characters. There are about four categories of these God characters that include mage, supporter, fighter, and tank. A few characters can assume different powers; however, they perform better in a particular task or line up, so be careful when assembling your group.

There are three sorts of fights PVP, PVE, and boss battles. Diverse God characters are more fruitful in specific circumstances, which means it’s a smart thought to make an alternate group for each battling mode.

Fighter Tier List

In Mythic Heroes, you will use fighters that use ranged attacks or melee attacks. They can provide a greater advantage with their damage and harm through burst or fast assaults. Solid scuffle warriors ought to be put at the front of the line with your army that can take on the battle, while soft ones should be at the back.

  • The S-tier fighter character is Lucifer having the most skilled abilities in the game.
  • For A tier, Artemis is a character worth the battles.
  • For the B tier, Susanoo, Oberon, and Medusa serve as great fighters in battles.
  • For the C tier, Lu Bu is a fighter that will do your work just fine.

Mage tier lists

Mages are the characters that have high damage dealing with the opponents. They are not as strong as fighters in the game, but they still do a lot of damage which makes them ideal to use at the back of your team to provide good backup in battles. They have abilities for AOE or burst attacks along with melee or ranged attacks.

  • The S tier mage characters are Moye, Tamamo, Ganjiang for their top powers.
  • The A tier mage characters are Moye, Flora, and Persephone.
  • The B tier is not very good in battles, but Zeus can help you in that case.
  • The C tier mage characters are weak like Cleopatra and Lilith, but they still perform better than others

Support tier list

The support Gods in the game are meant to stop the damaging attacks on your team and boost up your team’s performance in the battle. These characters can heal and buff their teammate’s health in order to keep them alive in the battles. You will be able to deal magical damage with these characters, and you can choose individual positions for each of them to support your team properly. The best characters in each support tier are.

  • Nuwa, Nagakayna, and Idun are the top supporting characters in the game with S tier rating.
  • In A tier, Joan of Arc holds the place with his powerful support for the team.
  • For the B tier, Dionysus is a good character to choose.
  • It is the only character to be placed in the C tier because of its weak support in the initial stages of the game.

Tank tier list

Tanks have a very good role in the battles because of their high health capacity. They are able to take on enemy damage while giving an edge to your team to hit the enemies with heavy damage while they are busy with tanks. They are best to divert the enemy strategy in the battles and keep them focused on one unit while you can attack the opponents with your other best troops. The best tier character tanks are.

  • Athena is the S-tier tank that can take a lot of damage and is able to damage the enemy team as well.
  • Thor, Hades, and Gaia are the best tanks to use in the front of your team from tier A.
  • Hercules is a good B-tier tank to take on average damage from the enemy team.
  • Anubis is C tier tank that won’t stand much longer but still manages to divert the enemy team for a moment.


This was a discussion on Mythic Heroes Tier List. The list consists of the best Mythic Heroes champion characters that you can choose to make your army strong and take them into battles. For more, see the FAQ section.


Which are the best heroes in Mythic Heroes?

Lucifer, Ganjiang & Moye, Thor, Tamamo No Mae, Persephone, Artemis, Susanoo, and Nuwa are some of the top-tier players in the game.

Can I play Mythic Heroes against other players?

Yes, the game allows the players to get into PvP battles and test their skills in the game. Each player can choose the team with the best God characters for the match. This improves your skills and helps you learn new tactics for the game

What are the B-tier characters in Mythic Heroes?

Some of the best B-tier characters to choose in Mythic Heroes for battles are Idun, Athena, Nagakayna, Medusa, Zeus, Izanami, Cleopatra, and Iset.

Is Mythic Heroes free to play?

Yes, Mythic Heroes is free to play, and you can easily run it on your compatible gadget.