Punishing Gray Raven Tier List [Month] [Year] - Top Tier Heroes

Punishing Gray Raven Tier List June 2024 – Top Tier Heroes

Punishing Gray Raven is a game where characters have special abilities and each of them can be selected to play and fight against others. They have special abilities and some of them can outperform others in some attacks or defense cases. These characters are also called constructs and each one of them is placed in a separate tier on the basis of their performance. In case you want Punishing: Gray Raven Tier List to see which characters are the best, then we have it for you.

Currently, punishing: Gray Raven constructs or characters are separated into categories, including their rarity, type of use, and specialty. Each character may have special abilities in lots of things but they may also struggle in some cases. So we have selected the tiers and the characters for each tier to make things simple for you. 

Tier List for Punishing Gray Raven June 2024

Here is the tier list of the game which involves the best characters with their special powers.

Punishing Gray Raven Tier List [Month] [Year] - Top Tier Heroes

Tier 0

This is the top tier of the game where all the characters are so powerful that they can diminish anything that they see. They are extremely powerful characters and their power is unmatchable.

Alpha (Lucia: Crimson Abyss)

The best character or construct of the game that is in Tier 0 is Alpha. This construct is the first-ever Construct to release in the game. It has powerful abilities that can bring the enemies to the ground with her burst damage and her core passive ability. This is best for element-based content best for War Zone and Phantom Pain Cage due to her highly effective physical damage.

Tier 1

This is the next good tier after tier 0 as these players are extremely good for the Chinese servers and most of the players are regularly picked from this tier due to their battle style and ability.

Kamui: Tenebrion

This is a tank in the game that provides enough defense to give your team an edge with high health. It has a role in Dark Teams that are the best element teams and Kamui is a strong character as a defense mechanism for that team. It is a tank that goes on with dealing damage to nearby characters and acts best against Musashi IX and Camu for higher impact. This player works best as a damage dealer while left with Luna in the matches.

Karenina: Ember

Karenina is a fire-element damage dealer that is ranked in tier 1 for its abilities. She can leave great impacts in the early stages of the games but in the later stages, as teams get stronger, the fire teams don’t have much effect on them. But still, Karenina is a great character as best fire DPS and she has a solid placement in the meta due to her insane damage on the opponent team.

Tier 2

Tier 2 constructs are those characters that are pretty great in the game and they can fill any slots for defense or the attack but they are outclassed by top tiers like 0 and 1.

Liv: Lux

Liv: Lux is the top tier player for tier 2 with her class and damage. She works as a healer for the lightning teams and she has excellent support when the damage taken is a lot on the team. She gives an edge to your team to heal back with some health during battles and her best used is considered in the co-op mode. This character doesn’t enough strong enough damage which is why she is not at the front of the battlefield and supports the team with healing as a backup character.

Nanami: Pulse

Nanami is a character that found its place in tier 2 due to her tank abilities and providing a benefit for the fire teams to take on some damage while moving on to attack the enemies. The moves of this Rollerblade girl are pretty unique and they can deal good damage on the enemy teams but you cant only rely on this character in contrast to dark teams as they have better defense and attack mechanisms which is why it is second to Kamui.

Tier 3

In this tier, only those constructs are selected that are good in the game or which may have good performance in the game in the early stages but they may be outclassed by other constructs on later stages where battles get more intense.

Lucia: Dawn

Lucia: Dawn is a Lightning DPS character that can be of use in the starting stages of the game. She is a helper character and her kits need her to mark the foes first and then she leaves an attack on the target. The problem is that the attack damage is not enough that would make an impact on the enemy team. In return, the enemy team can leave a great impact on your team in a much quicker way that will leave you vulnerable.

Nanami: Storm

Nanami: Storm is a construct that works really well as a tank in the late game but she needs lots of investment which is why she is in tier 3 as in the starting stages of the game, she will be relegated to the backup slot most of the time as she is not very helpful for your constructs.


Which is the strongest character in Punishing gray raven?

The strongest character of the game is Alpha with the highest damage.

Can I play punishing gray raven on a computer?

Yes, you can play this game with the help of an emulator used on a computer.

Are tier 2 characters useful for matches?

Tier 2 characters have good skills for the early stages of the game but they can’t stay in the battles at later stages with strong enemies that wipe off teams with one attack.

Should I play the punishing gray raven game?

You can play punishing gray raven as this game has intense battles and strong characters to land in the field and attack each other against opponent teams. It’s a good experience.