Raid Shadow Legends Tier List February 2021 [Best Champions]

Raid Shadow Legends Tier List May 2024 [Best Champions]

Raid Shadow Legends is a game for android that brings a player into the domain of Telleria. The story is about Shadow projected by a dark lord. This RPG transform-based game brings you into a dreamland having numerous groups, 15 character classes, and particular characteristics. You need to gather your heroes to overcome the realm of Dark Lord Siroth, to keep up harmony in the domain of Telleria.

You can upgrade various equipment things in the game, including your players, open various difficulty levels and dominances, upgrade your equipment that heroes use in battles, and lift their abilities to overcome the game. It is a system based campaign game where you can play having 12 better places with a story having a dark enemy to overcome and defeat at the end.

Raid Shadow Legends Tier List 2024

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While talking about the strongest heroes of your army, you can look at the tier list that we have mentioned in this article, which shows all the heroes in different tiers according to their strength and weaknesses while using in the battle against enemies. With this help, you can make a better understanding to play your game with the right heroes to perform well towards the end of the game.

This Raid shadow legends tier list includes the top rankings for each tier of different types such as Legendary and Epic. Using this tier list, you can get great help with choosing the right heroes, to begin with, your game.

Tier List Criteria for Champions

  • Legendary Tier: The Legendary tier is the top tier that includes all the powerful heroes of the game to beat the enemies very easily. By getting these legendary heroes in your team, you can bring out best performance of your team, and you will be lucky to win against your strong enemies.
  • Epic Tier: The Epic tier champions are second to Legendary, and they also have strong base along with a strong attack. They can always be your best weapon of choice in any battle, but they don’t have special attack power as the legendary champions have.
  • Rare Tier: These champions are also very strong characters but not as good as legendary and epic champions. Their stats and attacks are good, and they can be used for tough battles against your opponents. They can be great to use if you already have epic or legendary champion inside your team.
Champion Faction Role Affinity
Dracomorph Lizardmen Attack Magic
Arbiter High Elves Support Void
Bad-el-Kazar Undead Hordes Support Strength
Big ‘Un Ogryn Tribes Attack Magic
Duchess Lilitu Demonspawn Support Spirit
Krisk the Ageless Lizardmen Defense Void
Lyssandra High Elves Support Spirit
Martyr The Sacred Order Defense Spirit
Ma’Shalled Undead Hordes Attack Spirit
Nethril Undead Hordes Attack Spirit
Raglin Banner Lords Support Void
Rhazin Scarhide Lizardmen Defense Strength
Siphi the Lost Bride Undead Horde Support Void
Turvold Barbarians Attack Void
Valkyrie Barbarians Defense Spirit
Venus The Sacred Order Support Void
Warlord Orcs Support Void
Zavia Dark Elves Attack Strength

Raid Shadow Legends – Legendary Champion Tier List

Raid Shadow Legends – Legendary Champion Tier List

Arbiter – Void Affinity

This is a very strong champion that has all the base stats and can fit as all-rounder with its attacking and defensive skills. It can also revive your dead teammates and inflict high damage to the opponents.

Bad-el-Kazar – Force Affinity

This is one of the best support champions of the game that can easily remove any debuffs from your team in a battle and increases the damage power of your team along with healing the teammates.

Big’Un – Magic Affinity

This champion has good attacking skills that can deal a very heavy damage on the opponents, and it can also stun them with the impact. It inflicts debuffs, and the attack is wide to inflict the enemies.

Dracomorph – Magic Affinity

This is a high power champion that deals great damage to the opponents and heaps of debuffs to perish on enemies. We can say that Dracomorph’s Baleful Eye debuff attack may be the most powerful debuff in this game.

Duchess Lilitu – Spirit Affinity

This champion has very high health bar that can stay for a longer duration in a battle to take on the enemy’s attack. This champion has reviving capabilities, and she is also very good with team buffs; the support raised for your team gets higher and much stronger with this protecting champion.

Raid: Shadow Legends – Epic Champion Tier List

Raid: Shadow Legends – Epic Champion Tier List

Madame Serris – Void Affinity

This Epic supporting champion in your team will help you with a perfect spot of grinding to cause a fear in the enemy attackers and to decrease their attack power, and steal their buffs as well. This makes it more easier for your team to deal with the enemies.

Miscreated Monster – Magic Affinity

Miscreated Monster can be used for great help for shielding your team from the attacks and raise your defense. This lets them easily heal themselves as long as they are protected; you have the edge in the battle. This champion can be used for almost any mode in the game.

Peydma – Void Affinity

Peydma is a champion that is good with grinding, and it can decrease enemy attacks very easily. It can also lower the defense of your enemies and steal their buffs. This helps you greatly with defeating your enemies with upper edge on the table.

Sinesha – Force Affinity

This is your next supporting champion from Epic tier who’s brilliant with grinding skills. Sinesha can heal your team while attacking the enemies making her a very strong choice in the battles.

Stag Knight – Spirit Affinity

If you want an ideal debuffer, get Stag Knight on your team, who will help you take on to your enemies very easily.

Raid: Shadow Legends – Rare Champion Tier List

Raid: Shadow Legends – Rare Champion Tier List

Apothecary – Magic Affinity

This is the champion, which is great for grinding and dungeons and giving a speed boost as support with your team.

Athel – Magic Affinity

Athel specializes in dealing, giving critical hits to the enemies whilst also buffing their own attacks. If you learn to master this champion in the game, it will be more easier for you to deal high impact to the opponents. If you can use it properly, you have the upper hand in the game.

Kael – Magic Affinity

Kael is an attacking champion with some serious skills who can deal high damage to entire teams. It can be best used for grinding, and it can let you progress through your game very easily if you are going fine with its skills.

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