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Path To Nowhere Tier List April 2024 – Top Tier Heroes

One of the most significant releases for the mobile RPG subgenre in 2022 is expected to be the game called Path to Nowhere. Tower defence and strategic role-playing game hybrid Path to Nowhere, which was previously only accessible to gamers in China, is now available worldwide thanks to AISNO Games‘ most recent update. Due to this, lots of users have started taking an interest in the Path to Nowhere tier list to see which characters are the strongest.

By allowing players to move their Sinners about the battlefield after deployment, Path to Nowhere offers alternative hit-and-run strategies that aren’t frequently seen in other tower-defense games. This game stands out from the competition with gorgeous character graphics, a full dub core plot, and a clean UI to set the tone of the apocalyptic setting.

Path to Nowhere Tier List

We are sharing a thorough and extensive review of some of the best sinners that can be acquired in Path to Nowhere using this tier list. Here is a brief description of each tier:

Path To Nowhere Tier List April 2024 - Top Tier Heroes

S Tier:

You should attempt to include these characters in your team, as they are the greatest ones currently available in the game. Additionally, they ought to be the initial option for leveling up and gaining access to equipment.

A Tier:

You should find and try these characters to determine which one can weak points in your group. These are a good option if you don’t have any S characters unlocked.

B Tier:

Characters in this tier are particularly helpful early in the game when you haven’t unlocked many others, but they lose their effectiveness later. Use them when S and A characters aren’t available, but try to replace them whenever you can.

S Tier Characters


The strongest S tier character that you have is NOX. She makes it simple to defeat waves of adversaries, and since she can be acquired through Beginner Missions, any new player can benefit from her incredible skill set. As her ultimate move causes significant damage to every enemy in front of her, the “Grim Reaper” possesses excellent damage output and crowd control.

In addition, NOX increases her damage with each defeated foe while concurrently lowering their defense.


Maintaining the health of your companions is crucial to victory in Path to Nowhere because you cannot redeploy or replace any characters who perish during combat. This is where you need Hamel. Her ultimate move boosts her healing even more.

Bai Yi

This is a strong character with her twin blades. Using this talent also increases her critical hit rate, enabling the frightening woman to dash about the battlefield and easily dispatch any pesky adversaries.


Despite his moniker, Demon is a protector on the battlefield who grants himself and his friends strong shields dependent on his maximum HP. 


Langley has a wider assault range than the majority of ranged combatants, giving her the upper hand over any foes in her line of fire. 


The West District Legion leader is an all-around juggernaut with high attack speed, damage, and HP. She truly shines, though, when she uses her devastating Ultimate to deal a ton of damage, terrorize nearby adversaries, and boost the power of her auto attacks.


Eirene is a magical character with strong abilities in the game. Her Ultimate has a sizable AOE and gets even more potent when nearby allies also use their Ultimate abilities. Depending on the enemy she is using it against, this chess master’s potent magic has diverse effects and can even break Cores.

A Tier Characters

Luvia Ray

Luvia Ray is a special magic DPS in Path to Nowhere because she can switch between a potent single-target attack and a crowd-controlling bouncing-chain strike in her auto attacks. Her ultimate also raises her attack speed, enabling her to quickly dispatch waves of foes.


With her potent autos, Pricilla is a good option in the A tier that has a lesser rarity. She regrettably experiences the same problems as Summer because, aside from her Ultimate, she is ordinary and requires a substantial commitment to shine.


Another Sinner with a fantastic magic DPS having the ability to harm numerous adversaries and break Cores with her Ultimate talent is Hecate. She is particularly simple to max out because finishing the game’s main story rewards many copies of her.


Pacassi is a nice choice for a novice because she has respectable stats and an AOE Ultimate that can break a Core and deal damage over time to nearby adversaries. She will lose ground, though, whenever the foes are too big for her Ultimate to be useful and have a lot of Core segments.

B Tier Characters


Che’s a great option for many beginner Path to Nowhere players. Due to his low rarity, he will eventually fall behind other, stronger Sinners. His Ultimate is an attack that hits all nearby enemies, destroys Cores, and imparts a unique debuff that raises the damage he gives to them. It only affects a short area in front of him.


A less expensive variant of Bai Yi is Labyrinth, the robot maid, who can dart across the battlefield and take out any Cores that give foes an advantage. With enough investment, she can easily spam her Ultimate in an emergency if she cracks an opponent’s Core.