Neural Cloud Tier List

Neural Cloud Tier List July 2024 – Top Tier Heroes

Neural Cloud is known for its fast-paced combat and spectacular animations, which demand skill and strategy to win at the top levels. The game takes pride in its widespread collectibility and customization options, which encourage players to experiment with different formations and strategies. There are collectible dolls that are used in this game to be successful, but you need to know which ones are the strongest to stay ahead in the game. This is why we are sharing this Neural Client Tier List.

The tier list will explain which dolls are the strongest and which ones to choose from in the very beginning. By completing the main story quests after making a new account, players can learn more about the plot. By completing these objectives, players can also get abundant rewards in the form of summons. To help you understand better, the below-given tier list will clear up your mind about all the fantastic characters in this game to play with.

Neural Cloud Tier List

All of the 3-Star Dolls that are most likely to be released during the global launch have been grouped together under three separate tiers in this list of tiers. Remember that this tier list was created based on the most recent Closed Beta test and that there may be some adjustments made before to the global launch. Here are the Tiers:

Neural Cloud Tier List


These dolls are the strongest with highest base stats. These Dolls are themselves powerhouses and frequently serve as the foundation of any team setup.


These dolls have good base stats and average talents, but they can really shine in specific circumstances. Some of these dolls serve as supporting players on various teams.


The dolls in this tier have mediocre base stats and abilities. They are used only in the beginning and we don’t recommend using them afterward.

S Tier Dolls


The most powerful doll with great abilities is Florence. According to Florence’s passive ability Charming Angel, she will apply a 4-second Charm debuff on every fourth basic strike. At the time of the game’s worldwide premiere, Florence was one of the top healers available. According to her ability, Special Care, she will use 500% of Calculation Power to heal the ally with the lowest current HP. For every 1% of the target’s health that is absent, the heal amount rises by 1%.


Gin is another Doll with great abilities. Gin’s basic attacks boost their Defense for 3 seconds while also healing the lowest ally’s HP by an amount equal to 100% of his Calculation Power. 


Croque is a 3-Star Doll that is categorized in the game as a Guard type. Her computation power is equal to 1000% of the Shield’s value. Once the shield breaks or 6 seconds have passed, the taunt will stop.

A-Tier Dolls


In-game, Twigs, a 3-Star Doll, is categorized as a Sniper type. According to Twig’s passive ability, Threads of Life, the targets of her basic strikes may receive the Embroidery debuff. Twig takes a Blossom posture for 6 seconds, according to her active ability Flowery Flow. Her regular strikes during this Blossom state are slender missiles that resemble fans and harm three units.


A 2-Star Doll designated as a Specialist type in the game is Sakuya Sakuya. Falling Flowers, Sakuya’s passive ability, claims that her regular attacks leave a mark on the target. Sakuya will reactivate this talent if any adversary accumulates the maximum number of Bleeds as a result of this strike.


Angela’s inactive talent makes it very effective on opponents where all foes lose 25% of their Ability haste. Angela’s greatest talent A target is chosen and given the Dragon’s Breath debuff by the single-targeted crowd-controlling talent Phantasmagoria of the Dragon’s Nest. All additional units are exiled for 7 seconds.

B Tier Dolls


Lam is a Sniper type. It has unactive talent in which Lam’s attack speed is set to 100 points. A 15% Critical Hit Rate is equivalent to every 5 points of additional Attack Speed. Lam’s primary talent Induction According to Blaster Cannon, Lam does physical damage to the foe with the highest MAX HP% equivalent to 280% of her attack.

When the victim is fully healed, the damage done by this talent increases by 1% for every 1% health the target has, up to a maximum of twice as much damage. This attack has critical hit potential.


In-game, Groove Groove, a 1-Star Doll, is categorized as a Specialist type. The passive skill of Groove Every time an ally avoids an assault, according to Playful Warm-Up, Groove’s skill gauge fills with charges for 2 seconds. Allies receive a Waltz bonus for 8 seconds thanks to her active ability, For a total increase in attack speed of an additional 40, this can stack up to four times. 

Groove’s greatest strength According to Sonic Boom, she unleashes a sonic wave in a specific direction that causes all adversaries to move away from their starting positions and take 300% calculated damage.