Brawl Stars Tier List

Brawl Stars Tier List May 2024 – Brawler Tier List

Brawl Stars is a game developed by the creators of Clash of clans. It is a 3v3 shooter game where all the players from around the world can battle against each other in one place. The game is a strategy shooter game that lets you unlock new characters and upgrades for your troops and brawlers with time as you progress through the game from time to time. This also lets you unlock new modes of the game having more fun packed with them.

The game can be played in different modes with a set of brawlers to choose from after you often brawl boxes and get new brawlers for battles. In this discussion, we are looking at a Tier list of best brawlers in each game mode with details.

Tier List Criteria for Brawl Stars – Brawler Ranking Criteria

The following Brawlers were ranked into their respective Tiers using the following criteria:

  • S-Tier: Effectiveness Of Super Attack & Star Power
  • A+-Tier: these have better Stats and attacks ranked Higher
  • A-Tier: Brawlers have high versatility In-Game Modes
  • B-Tier: These are best for Beginner & Intermediate Players

Best Brawlers For Gem Grab

brawl stars brawler tier list

S Tier Brawlers for Gem Grab Mode


  • Can recuperate herself and partners with Super Abilities
  • Assaults cover a wide territory, permitting her to secure general gem mine region

A+ Tier Brawlers for Gem Grab Mode


  • Can deny adversaries Gem Grab region utilizing ordinary AoE assaults.
  • Can deal some damage while taking cover behind dividers.


  • Super ability makes you too light-footed. You can fly all through the mine region or use to draw in information


  • Super can be set behind dividers and be utilized to watch the gem region


  • Super makes you practically safe, permitting you to remain in the dig area for more survival


  • Typical assaults bob of dividers, permitting good damage

A Tier Brawlers for Gem Grab Mode


  • Rockets are incredible for territory refusals
  • It can undoubtedly take out gathered foes at the mine


  • Can gather turret to help protect the gem mine territory from attacks.
  • Ordinary assault can bob of different foes.


  • Can put Super around Gem Mine Region
  • Has a long reach typical assault which can be utilized to connect with damages from a remote place


  • Ordinary assault has a wide reach which experiences and damages bunches of opponents
  • Super can blast down foes that get excessively eager to attack

B Tier Brawlers for Gem Grab Mode


  • Damages high burst harm at very close, best for ambushing gem taking Brawlers
  • Wide assaults can hit single or various Brawlers


  • Can safeguard Gem Mine zone because of typical assaults being tossed over dividers.
  • Whenever planned and pointed effectively, Super can be utilized to wipe out enemies with a high number of Gems.

Best Tier Brawler Rundown for Solo Showdown Mode

Best Tier Brawler Rundown for Solo Showdown Mode

S Tier Brawlers for Solo Showdown Mode


  • High harm in short-range battle
  • Incredible for ambushing enemies
  • Solid SUPER with STAR Force


  • Deals huge loads of harm in short proximity
  • Super deals an immense damage for a period


  • Extraordinary for ambushing foes in the middle area of the map
  • Homer Bar can be utilized to pushback attacking enemies

A+ Tier Brawlers for Solo Showdown Mode


  • His pickaxe returns if there are encompassing dividers. Use dividers to higher DPS


  • Can get in and out of battle effectively because of his high portability


  • Can give great harm over the long run with poison assaults, which forestalls the group of enemies
  • Quick development to get up to speed of the enemies or break them.

A Tier Brawlers for Solo Showdown Mode


  • Brock can give high harm with long-range rockets
  • Super can hit a wide zone with various incredible rockets


  • Typical shot can bob off dividers, allowing you to assault behind cover and try not to get hit


  • Assault goes far and can hit various targets in case that its parts into more modest shots
  • Super can cover targets that are pursuing at you


  • Long reach burst damage can rapidly bring down foes
  • Super can break dividers and harm those behind it

B Tier Brawlers for Solo Showdown Mode


  • Assaults have a long reach and can hit a foe on various occasions whenever terminated accurately
  • Traps can promptly kill clueless targets


  • Super can pull low wellbeing targets for you to blast them down
  • Typical assaults cover a long and wide reach


  • Nita can bring her bear to use as bait for foes. Since the bear absorbs a lot of damage, Nita can utilize it as a moving shield

Best Tier Brawler Rundown for Heist Mode

Best Tier Brawler Rundown for Heist Mode

S Tier Brawlers for Heist Mode


  • Can harm protected from a protected distance with tossing assaults
  • Super and typical assaults can deny targeting Brawlers admittance to group’s protected


  • Super can be utilized to damage and open the damage when near obstructing safe
  • Gives more damage when near the safe
  • Enormous wellbeing pool makes it intense to cut you down

A+ Tier Brawlers for Heist Mode


  • Long-range assaults compelling at damaging protected in good ways
  • Super can annihilate dividers and make way to reach safe


  • Super deals a huge load of harm to the safe
  • Ordinary assault can penetrate through targets


  • Can harm the protected from a long way away utilizing high damage rockets.

A Tier Brawlers for Heist Mode


  • Can toss explosive over dividers and onto target protected to harm it
  • Ordinary assaults can be utilized to do AoE attacks or stops foes admittance to zones


  • Ordinary assaults cover a long and wide region before Quality
  • Super can be utilized to pull targets from your safe.

B Tier Brawlers for Heist Mode


  • Assaults do a decent measure of harm to the safe
  • Super permits you to remain alive any longer when jumping for the attack safe


  • Super can save attacks set up for a short timeframe


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