Dislyte Reroll Guide, Reroll Tier List & How To Reroll

Dislyte Reroll Guide, Reroll Tier List & How To Reroll

Dislyte is an RPG from the makers of AFK Arena that follows the opening of Pandora’s Box and takes mythological figures across time to combat monsters in an urban environment. 

There’s enough to keep you occupied in Lilith Games’ latest release, with legendary heroes from all pantheons to improve and capture, rich turn-based and tactical features, and a huge old planet to defend.

With so many playable characters available from the start, and more on the way, you may utilize this guide to select the esper that best fits your playstyle before diving into the mythological combat. Continue reading to learn how to reroll Dislyte.

Dislyte Reroll Guide:

Dislyte Reroll Guide, Reroll Tier List & How To Reroll

Rerolling is difficult in the Dislyte game since the game does not supply enough gacha coin for 10x pulls; rerolling for a 10X pull will take an hour or more.

Make sure to finish some levels in Cube Miracles to earn extra golden records or cube miracle mode cash, which can be used to buy golden records at the online union store.

Claim your pre-registration bonuses, mission bonuses/courses, login, and so on. To reroll, you must have enough Gold Records:

  • Until Chapters 3-4, everything is clear.
  • You should have a total of eight gold records in your collection. With Diamonds, you may buy 2 more.
  • Pull ten times.
  • Congratulations on getting what you wanted. If it doesn’t work, go back to step 1 and try again.

At Least 30 Minutes are Required to Complete the Process. Rerolling is something we highly discourage. Playing the game properly will help you progress much faster. Dislyte’s lower-rareity troops may clear the majority of the game’s content even if you don’t reroll for the greatest 5-star units or the most powerful Espers on the tier list.

Dislyte Reroll Guide: How You should Reroll?

  • Start the game.
  • In the Account Service section, tap Start Profile.
  • When you press the Initialize account button, you’ll be taken to a new screen with a code and an input field.
  • In the input field, type the code.
  • This will reset your progress and take you back to the successful login that you may start over.

Dislyte Reroll Tier Guide:

Dislyte Reroll Guide, Reroll Tier List & How To Reroll

If despite our cautions, you insist on rerolling in Dislyte, you can consult the tier list in the following section. In Dislyte, the novice 10-pull ensures at least one Legendary Esper, either Li Ling or Tang Xuan. 

It’s possible to acquire two or more Espers from a beginning reroll, and if you do, consider yourself exceedingly fortunate. Now that we’ve cleared it up, here’s the tier list:

Tier S:

If you receive any of these units, your account is ready to go. 


Gabrielle is largely considered as the best support in the game, and she is capable of excelling in any content with any squad. She has the ability to make your squad immune to debuffs while simultaneously increasing their DEF and decreasing the enemy’s DEF and ATK.


Sally, one of the game’s best healers, shines with squishier fighter Espers, who benefit the most from her endurance.


Unas is the fastest support in the game, making him a good pick for the game’s PvP mode, Point War. You can almost always count on your team to get ahead of the opposition.


Clara is a fantastic healer who is also adept at cleansing and providing your squad immunity, and she falls between Gabrielle and Sally.

Xiao Lin:

Lin Xiao is the greatest DPS unit in the game, despite being a 4 Esper. She can cause a variety of debuffs and ensure critical strikes. If you can grab her and one of the troops in the tier above, you’ll have a near-perfect account.


Don’t look down on Fabrice because he’s a 4 Esper like Lin Xiao did. Fabrice possesses excellent buffs like immunity and invincibility, plus his basic strikes make him a good healer.


On top of doing enormous damage, Chloe can steal buffs and prevent the opponent team from receiving them.


Catherine is an excellent Point War (PvP) pick because she counters opposing Espers that specialize in debuffing. The more debuffs she removes from your squad, the more powerful it grows.


Narmer’s kit revolves around stacking Burning Sun, which may significantly enhance his damage. He’s also excellent at disregarding opponent DEF, making him the finest anti-tank unit available.


Donar is the finest Defender in the game, although Defenders in Dislyte aren’t as valuable as Fighters or Support. Regardless, Donar is an extraordinarily tanky character that, when paired with a strong healer, is virtually unkillable.

This brings us to the end of our Dislyte reroll as well as tier list. We hope you all enjoy the game despite of who you finish up with. Follow the game to stay up to date.