Artery Gear Fusion Reroll Guide & How To Reroll

Artery Gear Fusion Reroll Guide & How To Reroll

Artery Gear: Fusion is a mobile RPG with tough anime females that can fight back in a fight. As with every game in the genre, your prospects of winning are only as good as your weakest mech lady, so it’s critical to know who can lead you to triumph and who will make you submit with a white flag. As a result, you must understand the role of each female and see the tier list to understand their significance.

Of course, there’s a chance you won’t receive the character you desire right away, but that’s why we have our Artery Gear: Fusion reroll guide. This is a complete guide about Artery Gear Fusion Reroll that will help you get through the game pretty easily.

Artery Gear Fusion Tiers and Ranks

These Artery Gear heroes are divided into four tiers, which are categorized as follows by their performance in the game.

Artery Gear Fusion Reroll Guide
  • Tier S – this tier has the finest of the best, with the most exceptional gameplay talents.
  • Tier A – This is where you’ll find the finest heroes.
  • Tier B – this tier contains heroes that have certain abilities but are not identical to the S or A tiers.
  • Tier C – This is where you’ll find the least talented heroes.

Artery Gear Fusion Reroll Guide

Artery Gear Fusion Reroll Guide & How To Reroll

The Artery Gear Fusion rerolling procedure is quite straightforward and does not require many steps from you. When a player is dissatisfied with their character, Artery Gear Fusion offers them the opportunity to play as their favorite unit by creating a guest account in the game. After they’ve finished the instruction, you’ll be directed to the beginning gacha reroll. 

However, if you did not receive the hero you want, you may reset your account using the game’s settings, restart the tutorial, and repeat all of the processes listed above. One thing to note is that completing this entire operation with Artery Gear Fusion takes some time. As a result, you may use the greatest emulator, Bluestacks, as a solution.

Following these procedures will allow you to reroll your Artery Gear Fusion experience:

  • Press the top-right button.
  • Go to the account tab.
  • Go to the Player Center, choose Upgrade, and then Platform Account Upgrade.
  • Then sign up using authentic email, and your profile will be set.
  • Log out of the account and then sign in as a guest account.
  • Re-run the tutorial, this time with fresh characters.

How To Reroll: (Step-by-Step Guide)

  • To begin, create a guest account.
  • To gain forging crystals, complete the PvE stages, missions, and event tasks.
  • Forging crystals cost 1800 for X10 Pull. Pre-registration rewards can be obtained by logging in for a total of three days.
  • On your left, there is the Event option, tap on it. Select “Boarding Celebration” from the drop-down menu. There are three chests there.
  • To gather everything, log in for three days. You will receive 540 Forging Crystals on the first day, just after you name the character.
  • Navigate to the game’s recruit menu.
  • It’s now time to choose a banner.

Reroll Guide (Best Banner To Reroll)

There are four banners on the recruit screen: an elite banner, a server launch celebration banner, a standard banner, and an Asura event banner. The Server Launch Celebration banner can help you in having x10 reroll units ensuring that you receive x1 high-grade units. But don’t utilize it since we’ll try our luck with regular/event banners first, hoping for top-tier troops like [Alice and Sirius] or [Shyura and Milvus].

Only if we have top-tier units like Sirius and Alice on the elite/regular/event banner will we keep the Server Launch Celebration banner. The Event banner has a high drop rate for Shyura. Also, the Milvus Elite banner has a high drop rate.

  • Select banner.
  • Then tap rules in lower-left.
  • After that, click on drop rate to get the drop rate.
  • If you don’t have enough cash for a 10X pull, complete several stages or tasks. Keep a watch out for freebies from Artery Gear.

Reroll Guide (Server Launch Celebration Banner)

On the enroll screen, go for the server launch celebration banner, utilize the ticket, and keep rerolling until you get the best PvE soldier such as Ginga, Sirius or Alice. You also have the opportunity to get Milvus and Shyura from the activity banner. 

Reroll Guide (Reroll In AGF)

If you didn’t have any top-tier units on your team such as Sirius and Alice from the regular/event/elite banner, you should reroll the entire list.