Mirage: Perfect Skyline Codes 2022 - Free Mounts, Pets, And More

Mirage: Perfect Skyline Codes 2022 – Free Mounts, Pets, And More

Mirage Perfect Skyline is a fresh new Android and iOS MMORPG with gods and demons that was recently published. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’ve already downloaded it and are seeking for active Mirage Perfect Skyline codes to use in order to collect unique in-game goodies. 

With the Mirage: Perfect Skyline cheats, you’ll be able to soar into this new, thrilling environment, complete with a plethora of upgrading materials, mounts,, jade, pets,  and more. This guide contains Mirage Perfect Skyline codes 2022 that will be enough for you to get the best answers for everything. You will be able to gain in-game prizes such as money, sycess, mount, advance orb, and more.

Mirage Perfect Skyline Codes

EYOUGAME offers free Mirage: Perfect Skyline coupons to aid you in your quest through the fairy land. They come in the shape of a wide range of amazing items, including mounts, skins, and cash. Make a note of this page and return to it from time to time to get the most up-to-date Mirage: Perfect Skyline codes.

Mirage: Perfect Skyline Codes 2022 - Free Mounts, Pets, And More
  • MIRAGE2021 – you will get two black kylin ghosts and 15 mounted advancement orbs
  • Discordxmirage – you will get 100 b jade x100, and ten pri wings essence 
  • iloveyou – in-game prizes for free
  • MIRAGE456 – 500k gold, 1000 sycees, and ten dragon keys
  • (New) EyouCat– you will get you will get free in-game prizes
  • MIRAGE1314 – you will get 20 pri god psyches, and also three harsh mights, 3 vitality’s mights, and five hundred sycees
  • Hathatday – 20 pri armament essence, two bloodlust beads, two haunt beads, and 500 sycees 
  • bluestacks22 – you will get 100 b Jade and ten pri wings essence 
  • Free in-game goodies for Familyday
  • MIRAGEPS22 – 1,000 sycees and 20 pri pet biscuits
  • ChocoRain – in-game incentives for free
  • MIRAGERETURN – one orange pet egg, 500 sycees, one fading ink costume, 300 b jades
  • MIRAGEFB – 200 sycees and ten pri enhance gems 
  • JOINMPS – 200 b jade, 20 pri wings essence, and 300 sycees
  • MIRAGE666 – Get 100 b Jade and ten pri wings essence

Codes that have expired:

  • MIRAGE80000\s
  • MIRAGE100000
  • MIRAGE50000\s
  • MIRAGE10000\s
  • MIRAGE30000\s

Redeeming Codes

Following these simple steps will allow you to redeem your Mirage: Perfect Skyline coupons.

  • Launch Mirage: Perfect Skyline
  • Go to the settings tab in the game
  • Click the redeem tab of the screen 
  • Now type in your code 
  • Hit on claim prizes 
  • You will get free codes
Mirage: Perfect Skyline Codes 2022 - Free Mounts, Pets, And More

Mirage: Perfect Skyline is a game that is set as a MMORPG and set in the world of gods and demons, featuring a range of well-designed team activities. You don’t have to deal with the world alone any longer. The problem is that it has so many variances, especially in terms of goals, that you could end up doing things that aren’t relevant to this game.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to be a demon or a god. Making a decision is totally up to you. You may earn daily rewards in the game. Dailies refers to tasks that must be accomplished only once every day. All the missions, restricted dungeons, and quests that can only be performed a specific number of times before being renewed the next day are examples of this. 

Some users refer to them as “chores,” but dedicated gamers understand the value of finishing them on time since it increases the number of awards they may earn on a daily basis. These awards will keep you from lagging behind the rest of the server’s players. After checking in for 30 minutes, you’ll receive VIP status for free, as well as a beautiful picture if you log in everyday. 

Although participating in the arena is not required, it is something you should do on a frequent basis. The arena is a game option that has a limited amount of attempts each day and gives a plethora of rewards when you win. Players are limited to 10 tries each day and will be eaten whether they win or lose. This game mode is a lot of fun, however the competitive component can turn off certain people who just want to play PvE.


This was a guide on Mirage: Perfect Skyline Codes 2022 in which the complete game detail and its codes are listed properly. You can use these codes to redeem a lot of new stuff each day. For more news and update for MPS, visit our site.


In Mirage: Perfect Skyline, what are Dailies?

Bosses and missions are the most significant daily activities in Mirage: Perfect Skyline. The leaders or bosses are crucial since they drop the greatest things in the game, but you can only get them a few times every day. Because such things have a low drop rate, you might not receive them on the first try, so take advantage of every opportunity. Daily missions also generate a significant quantity of experience, which is essential if you want to reach the top of the rankings.

In MPS, what is inventory?

When gamers begin to play the game on a regular basis, they frequently neglect to check their inventory for valuable items. The game provides you with a plethora of items, each with its own set of capabilities. For instance, you can smelt unwanted objects in your collection to increase your character’s stats, which will be turned into battle strength.

What do you receive when you shop at Mirage: Perfect Skyline?

The store in this game as a shop has a large selection of things, most of which requires unique currency or premium cash to purchase. Yet, there are certain products that you can purchase using game currency that you can earn without investing real money. For instance, you can equip your character with Protection Babies by using Sycee.