League of Pantheons Codes 2022 – Free Summon Scrolls And More

League of Pantheons Codes 2022 – Free Summon Scrolls And More

NeoCraft Limited’s League of Pantheons is a card-based RPG for Google Android devices and also for Apple devices. Play as your favorite immortals from a variety of mythologies. Consolidate them into a powerful group that will confront the wrongdoings on the world that stand to oppose you. Rework your characters to include more powerful abilities, and see whether you can manage the most realistic group.

This dormant RPG features a diverse cast of enticing characters to play in both PvP and PvE, all set in a world populated by legendary figures. It’s amazing for any collection of events over the top, from Zeus to Wukong. If you’re in search for some of the most usable codes for this game, this League of Pantheons codes list will help you out.

Codes List for League of Pantheons

If you’re not sure how to retrieve codes in League of Pantheons, you may find out how to do so beneath the codes list.

League of Pantheons Codes 2022 – Free Summon Scrolls And More
  • bluestacks777 – Use this code to get admittance to extra XP and player bonus for the fights
  • GXFC2022 – 200 diamonds, one Treasure Ticket, and one Summon Scroll (NEW)
  • WELCOMETOLOP – 100 Gems, one Advanced Summon Scroll, and one Treasure Ticket (expired Feb. 28)
  • LOPTREASURE – Ten Summon Scrolls (Advanced)
  • LOP999 – 200000 XP, 200,000 Gold, Revelation Summon Scroll 
  • LOP2022 – 100,000 XP, 200 Gems, 300,000 Gold

Codes Expired:


How To Redeem Codes for League of Pantheons

Make sure you input the codes exactly as they appear in our post. If you fail to do so, you could notice that most of them will fail to provide the result. However, when you’ve double-checked them, continue to enjoy the benefits that you will get from the codes.

To retrieve codes in League of Pantheons, simply follow these instructions:

  • The Pantheon League is a free-to-join organization.
  • Tap on your Avatar in the upper left corner of your screen 
  • Select the Settings option from the Personal Space panel 
  • Select the Redeem Pack option 
  • Hit the Redeem option to obtain rewards
  • Enter a code from this list into the text field.
League of Pantheons Codes 2022 – Free Summon Scrolls And More

What Are the Best Ways to Get Extra League of Pantheons Codes?

Some of the social media accounts, including , Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagrama nd the game’s official Discord profiles are regularly updated codes for League of Pantheons. Normally, the game’s engineers issue gift codes for special events such as the game’s successes, notable occassions, collaborative efforts, and one-of-a-kind occasions.

You’d save this page to your favourites and come back to look for League of Pantheons gift vouchers on a regular basis. You can put yourself to test in this game by choosing between different characters which have strong power and you have to fight them off in the battles. Everything gets more interesting with time.

The amazing and exclusive features of this game are.

  • Create a One-of-a-Kind Hero Squad: Infinite Combination Strategies = 5 Elements + 4 Significant Positions. Customize each Hero’s appearance with one-of-a-kind Gears, Runes, and Artifacts.
  • Create strategies for various game modes, such as combos, hero collaborative powers, metas, and countermetas. In ever-changing battles, employ simple yet effective strategies.
  • Auto-gameplay is a great way to relax: When you’re inactive or unconnected, just tap to gain XP, Gold, and Epic Loots. The game is completely de-stressing, with no little crushing.
  • Bring all of the Ancient Legends with you: There are around 100 legendary heroes from eight different mythologies. Free 200 attracts for the first 7 days will aid you in contacting the best Heroes.
  • Unmeasurable PVP/PVE modes: single player, simultaneous, cross-server, infinite, everything is included.
  • Epic Rewards anticipate Winner titles, 5 Star Heroes, and Skins.

Please let us know if you find any of the changeable codes provided above have outdated in the comments area. As a result, the League of Pantheons Code is no longer required.


These are the details for League of Pantheons Codes 2022 in which all working codes have been shared. Some problematic codes that have expired are no longer of any use which is why we haven’t listed them here. To stay updated, see our FAQ’s and keep visiting this site to get new codes.


How do I use League of Pantheon codes?

To redeem or use codes for League of Pantheons, follow these steps.
Run the game first.
You will find the Avatar of your profile on the top left side when you enter the game.
Select settings from that Avatar icon.
Then click on “Redeem Pack”
Input the codes that are given or which you are using.
Enjoy your freebie gift afterward.

What are the codes for LoP?


When did League of pantheons come out?

League of Pantheons is recently released in January 2022. It is now currently available for Google Play Store so that users can download and enjoy the game. 

What type of game is League Of Pantheons?

Players can play as their favorite immortals from a range of myths in League of Pantheons, a video game. Organize them into a formidable force that will challenge the global wrongdoings that stand in your way. Rework your characters’ abilities to make them more strong, and see if you can lead the most authentic group. 

This long-abandoned RPG offers a broadcast of intriguing characters to play as in both PvP and PvE, all set in a world filled by legendary personalities. It’s incredible for any over-the-top collection of events, from Zeus to Wukong. This League of Pantheons codes collection can come in handy if you’re shopping for gifts.