Space Leaper Cocoon For PC - Download & Play On PC [Windows / Mac]

Space Leaper Cocoon For PC – Download & Play On PC [Windows / Mac]

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Space Leaper Cocoon For PC

  • Easy to install
  • Multi-instance
  • Smart controls
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Space Leaper Cocoon is a roleplaying game developed by Damo Network Limited, in which you find the secrets of the hidden world from the depth of the universe with the best graphics. Users are often looking forward to play such games on their PC instead of mobile phone. But they don’t know how to get Space Leaper Cocoon PC. For this reason, this guide explains the simplest and quickest approach to get this game on a PC system.

It is a video game having many levels which can be unlocked by scoring best in the previous levels. The game can be played on Mobile phones but in case you want to play it on your gaming system, and then you can play Space Leaper Cocoon PC. The game has cute voices and amazing background music. You have to upgrade it by combating your enemy and by finding rewards. Make your team strongest by upgrading and unlocking the best characters. 

You can make your team stronger by unlocking the best characters and upgrading them from the very start.

Space Leaper Cocoon For PC

Space Leaper Cocoon For PC - Download & Play On PC [Windows / Mac]

Space Leaper Cocoon is a game that is played on mobile devices, but it can also be played on PC. A Bluestack emulator is needed for that. It is the best Android System Emulator available in the market today. Bluestack allows the players to play any kind of game on PC without any lagging. It allows easy access to any android game on PC with the best performance.

Bluestack is well-known gaming software in which users can play hundreds of games. And it is free to download.

Steps To Install Space Leaper Cocoon for Windows

Space Leaper Cocoon For PC - Download & Play On PC [Windows / Mac]
  • Download the latest version of Bluestack on your computer.
  • After downloading, launch the installer.
  • It will then launch automatically, then sign in with your google account to access the play store.
  • Search Space Leaper Cocoon in the search bar of Bluestack.
  • Download Space Leaper Cocoon from it and then install it.
  • Start the game to enjoy amazing adventures.

Features of Space Leaper Cocoon PC

Combat System

The first important thing in this game is combat. Every battle has a specific time in which you have to decrease the health of the enemy to zero. It will cause automatic loss to the enemy. Additionally, it contains an auto-battle mechanism that can be customised for each leaper.

Reward Program

Everyone enjoys receiving rewards, which are present in all games. It motivates players to finish the assignment. To receive the rewards, you must do the tasks within the allotted time. By upgrading your leapers, you may fight more powerfully, and rewards let you stay in the game with enough health.

Leaper System

After completing two or more battles in the game, you can set a name of your own choice. After the title has been changed, the AI character called J-001 would introduce the leaper system. By using it, players can activate Gene Collider, which is necessary to search for other leapers. You can charge one time or ten times at once. All the leapers have unique styles and statistics which tell us the level of a leaper and their skills.

Cloud System

The Cloud system activates the resonance, which is needed to reveal the abilities of leapers. When a character is upgraded, then the cloud system sends the transmitter data according to the stage of a leaper, and then you can upgrade the resonance. By upgrading resonance, you can fight in the battle with more strength and power. 

Formation and Resonances

Leapers and resonances are always of the same type. The resonance type you activate determines the fighting arrangement. You can change the combat formations in this game by using different leapers by using the Preset Formation option under Leaper Files. If the player enabled Order type resonance, Order type Leapers should produce the combat formations.

Upgrading Leapers

To win combats in the game, you should have to upgrade your leaper by using the idle currency in the game. You can upgrade their health status, attack and defense powers, energy, and grades. By upgrading the leaper gear, you will be provided the best live 2D art that makes the game more graphically attractive.

PvP and PvE

Space Leaper Cocoon allows the players to use both PvP and PvE. PvP is present in the form of Analog Campaign, while PvE is present in the form of Astral Map. For Astral Map, you should be more advanced in the story to unlock new levels and gain coins for new Leapers. For Analog Campaign, you have to make your team first, and then you have to test them before the battle with the enemy in PvP mode.

Don’t forget to link your account with the game. It allows you to play the game on other devices without losing your previous record. 

If this guide helps you understand all the basics and working mechanism of Space Leaper Cocoon PC, then you can also take a look at Space Leaper Cocoon Tier List for additional info about the characters.