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Temple Run For PC – Download & Play On PC

PC Version
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Temple Run PC

  • Easy to install
  • Multi instance
  • Smart controls
  • Macros

Temple run is an action-adventure game that is all about raiding temples to collect gold. Here you will find how to download and install temple run for pc and mac, but before that let’s talk bit more about this game. This game is not as simple as it seems because while running in the game, you are being chased by an evil monkey, which is the guardian of the Temple; the monkey wants to catch you because you loot the Temple while running, you can be killed in numerous ways by falling off the cliff, smashing the head on the wall.

Test your reactions as you race along ancient temple walls and cliffs that are high. Temple Run is a game that is popular with numerous individuals. To move the character in the game, the player can swipe right of left on the screen. Three coins can be seen as the character is playing: gold, purple, and blue. Gold coins are only going to include one coin to your player’s final number of coins.

A red coin equals two, and a blue coin equals three. Coins can be utilised to purchase props and other figures and upgrade them. Players can also purchase coins with in-app purchases and pay actual money. To turn in the game, the player can swipe on the screen to give directions to character. If the player wants to skip an object, they can scroll up on the screen.

Requirements To Install & Download Temple Run On Windows

Developed by Imangi studio, the temple run is the best arcade game on android and IOS.  To download and play Temple run game on a Computer or MAC you need to have the emulator (BlueStack) on your computer. BlueStack is the emulator which is certainly best to put in and play android or IOS games on your desktop.

To run this game on your PC, you need to have specific specs in your system.

  • The speed of the CPU should be GHz processor.
  • For 32 Bit operating system, the RAM should be 1 GB.
  • For 64 bit operating system, the RAM should be 2 GB.
  • 3 GB hard disk space needed to download this game on your PC.
  • In the end you also need the direct X graphic card.

How To Install & Download Temple Run On PC

To download temple run on your PC keep in mind that you need to download the BlueStack emulator first on your computer because this is a mobile game and you can’t run it on PC.

  • Download and install BlueStack on your computer.
  • Open the BlueStack and log in using your email credentials.
  • Now go to app player in the BlueStack and search for Temple Run treasure hunters.
  • After that, click to install the Temple run treasure hunter on your PC.
  • Click to open the game after the game is downloaded.

These are the requirements to play Temple run on PC, after downloading the game you will feel the difference in playing on mobile and playing the game on PC because PC have a big screen and you can play this game easily and with the Blue Stack the game become so smooth that you will ever see.

How To Install & Download Temple Run On Mac

To play temple run on mac, you have to follow the same steps. Very first thing is you have to download and install temple run emulator for Mac. After installing the emulator, you can download and play temple run on your Mac.

  • After installing emulator, open it on your mac.
  • On top right corner of BlueStack you’ll find the search box. Enter Temple run and hit the search button.
  • Download temple run game and install it.

That’s all! Once the installation is complete, you can play temple run on mac.

How to Download BlueStack

BlueStack is basically an Android app player that is mostly used by MAC and PC users because it with BlueStack, you can easily download and install the android apps to your PC.

With BlueStack installed on your computer, you can easily download and install many Android games on your computer. Apart from downloading the android app for your PC, you can easily install the IOS games as well; the downloading process of this app is so simple just follow these below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit any browser and download the BlueStack file.
  • After the download is complete, go to the download folder and click to install the app.
  • Now you have to add your Google account details.
  • After adding the Google account details, it will take you to the home screen of the BlueStack app.


  • The control is smooth.
  • The game controls are so easy that anyone can play it.
  • The quality of the game is improved.
  • Its interface is user-friendly.
  • The graphic quality of the game is improved.
  • The sound quality is brilliant.

Let’s check the Pros and Cons of the BlueStack mobile app Emulator.


  • Can run any android or IOS app on PC or MAC.
  • It makes the game control smooth.
  • With BlueStacks Emulator the quality of the game is improved by a margin.
  • BlueStack will fix the lag in the game.


  • Can cause bugs on some occasions.


How can we move the character on the PC?

To move the character in the game, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Can we download any android game on PC using the BlueStack emulator?

BlueStack emulator can help you download and play any android game on your Computer.

What specs do we need to play this game on a computer?

This game needs no heavy specs to run on your computer; a normal PC can run this game easily.

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