Best Games Like Persona 5 For PC & Windows

Best Games like Persona 5 For PC & Windows

It’s interesting to select a couple of fantastic games like Persona. Various individuals go to the JRPG establishment for multiple things! At times it’s the dating sim angle; now and then, it’s the deep dungeon plunging and turn-based battle. Or, on the other hand, possibly you like having an experience set in the present day — something not a ton of pretending games offer.

Indeed, we’ve given a valiant effort, to sum up and sort out a portion of our exceptionally most loved games like Persona that you can play at present. Regardless of whether you’re hanging tight for the following colossal delivery or can’t get enough of this sort of World, we have you covered with a broad grouping of styles to look over.

Best Games like Persona 5

Yet, if you can hardly wait for it, we have picked here many best games like Persona 5 that hope to offer indistinguishable interactivity components.

#1 Top Pick
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor & Devil Survivor 2

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor & Devil Survivor 2

  • Some of the incredible creatures are shown in the game.
  • Fights in the game are incredible.
  • A lot of excellent tasks are provided in the game

Despite dropping the name lately, Persona started as a side project of the Shin Megami series of JRPGs. Its personas (or evil spirits in the primary establishment) and battle specifically share a considerable load of DNA. Tragically, the non-Persona games have eased back down significantly since the side project turned out to be so damn famous. That is a disgrace because the once productive SMT series has a dull, agitating tone on its own— in addition to some challenging dungeons and great fight entire plan.


  • The characters and animals in the game are stunning to watch. 
  • The designs of the game are quite clear. 
  • The sound of the game is very acceptable.


  • The gameplay isn’t better.
  • There are some glitches in this video game.
#2 Top Pick
Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

  • The characters of the game are excellent.
  • You can earn points and cash by completing tasks.
  • A lot of fantastic items are there in the game.
  • Played on Wii U.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions at last broadcasted on its vibe and style. Indeed, a portion of the persona-like spirits that battle for you are translations of Fire Emblem characters. Individuals from the Awakening cast explicitly (for example, Chrom and Virion) show up. Truth is told, your playable gathering of cutting edge youngsters in a real sense train as icons between prisons and figuring
 out how to sing and act structure the foundation of their everyday lives — striking a very Persona style equilibrium of battle and day-by-day life.


  • The content is impressive in the game.
  • The video quality of the game is excellent.
  • The gameplay is excellent.


  • There should have been more time there to spend in the game.
#3 Top Pick
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth & Hacker’s Memory

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth & Hacker’s Memory

  • There are amazing fights in the game.
  • The players can select a character to help them.
  • Played on play station.

If getting and rearing brilliant animals is your thing, Digimon Story is among your most ideal choices. 
The story is hazier and handles points like dealing with your life on the web, strangeness, and corporate carelessness. It’s likewise set in cutting edge Japan. You invest a lot of energy jumping into computerized prisons and become acquainted with a few NPC characters in your everyday life. The unquestionably intricate Digimon is reproducing framework wills likewise probable put significant parts at the top of the priority list of the Persona and evil spirit.


  • There are various and unique characters in the game.
  • The video quality is pretty excellent.
  • The audio effects are excellent.


  • The story should have been a little better.
#4 Top Pick
The World Ends With You

The World Ends With You

  • Amazing fights can be seen in this game.
  • The hero in the game is pretty amazing.
  • Played on android

A dull, substitute world is hiding underneath the outside of contemporary Japan. This game sets youngsters in opposition to one another in a round of last chance. The World Ends with You doesn’t play similar to Persona, yet its centre reason scratches plenty of similar tingles, as does its extraordinarily poppy soundtrack. And keeping in mind that the interactivity isn’t an ordinary turn-based toll, it’s remarkable by its own doing.
The content, audio, and characters are similarly as great as could be expected. However, the interactivity is seriously compromised without a subsequent screen. It’s exhausting, indeed


  • The video quality of the game is outstanding.
  • The characters are excellent.
  • The content of the game is encouraging.


  • There should have been a better ending.
#5 Top Pick
Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin

  • Exciting gameplay is provided in the game.
  • The characters are pretty impressive.
  • Played on windows.

In this game become a Rider and construction bonds with all around arranged creatures to fight nearby them as you participate in a remarkable content. The story begins with an ominous involvement in a female person, a youngster who has been blessed with an egg with the likelihood to brood into an awesome Rat radiance which could release ruin at whatever point mixed to its perilous power. Leave on an outing that will test the commitments of connection in an advancing world.


  • The video quality is impressive.
  • The audio of the game is incredible.
  • Incredible tasks are given in the game


  • The game contains some glitches.


These were a couple of the fantastic games on our rundown. We hope we have saved a lot of your time. Instead of exploring games here and there, you can just read this page and get your more suitable match. Kindly do share your kind reviews about the topic.


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