Best Games Like Wizard101 PC & Window

Best Games like Wizard101 For PC & Windows

Assuming you’re scouring the web for games like Wizard101, you’ve ended at the ideal spot. You can expect some incredible games pressed as far as possible with MMORPG components, just as other captivating highlights that will have you stuck to your PC for quite a long time. What’s more, regardless of whether a portion of the names appears to be natural to you, we ask you to take a stab at all the games we’ve proposed beneath.

Best Games like Wizard101

Yet, if you can hardly wait for it, we have picked here many best games like wizard101 that hope to offer indistinguishable interactivity components.

#1 Top Pick
Club Penguin

Club Penguin

  • In this game, you can make adorable animation symbols.
  • Club Penguin is a fantastic game for children to keep them engaged for hours

Club Penguin not just appears to be an able replacement to Wizard 101 but also a commendable other option if you like fiddling with Habbo and Fantage. Here, you can make adorable animation symbols of yourself and investigate an immense world. Even though it’s intended for youngsters matured somewhere in the range of 5 and 13, players surpassing this breaking point may likewise enjoy some penguin fun.


  • The game is pretty interesting to play.
  • The game is simple for a kid to understand and start playing.


  • The game says that it’s for children, but some activities in the game shouldn’t show to kids
#2 Top Pick
Free Realams

Free Realams

  • In this game, you are maneuvered into a three-dimensional universe.
  • In this game, you have to battle your enemies.
  • Played on PlayStation.

In Free Realms, you’ll be manoeuvred into a three-dimensional universe wearing the pretence of an extraordinary in-game person that you can make. This consideration in our games like Wizard 101 exhibit allows you to carry on with another life. This implies you can dig for gold and search for treasure, race your vehicle around this one-of-a-kind world, concoct a delicious supper, embellish your home and even welcome every one of your companions over for a little social affair.


  • There are numerous objects to deal with in this game.
  • The game provides impressive gameplay.
  • Numerous tasks are offered to players to keep them in the game for hours.
  • The game is so interesting that you never get bored.


  • In this game, you will face buffering again and again.
  • Some of the items can only be utilized when you pay for them
#3 Top Pick


  • The game is like a dreamland loaded up with unbelievable monsters and organization wars.
  • You can provoke an arbitrary rival.
  • Played on windows

Step into a dreamland loaded up with unbelievable monsters and organization wars. Fiesta approaches all fearless players to set out on undertakings in the place where there is Isya. Here, you can provoke an arbitrary rival to a double and even form things that can later sell in your store. You’ll have the option to slide into the shoes of a warrior, bowman, joke artist, pastor or mage and venture through a legendary tale.


  • In this game, amazing content is provided.
  • There are a lot of places you can play in.
  • The gameplay is excellent.


  • The game gets tough after some time.
#4 Top Pick
Pirate 101

Pirate 101

  • In the game, you will see criminals wearing clever boots and cool eye patches.
  • Participate in tabletop game battle, move onboard flying boats and find far off universes.
  • Played on windows.

Yet rather than enchanted people, you will see criminals wearing clever boots and cool eye patches. See what it resembles to be a pirate as you participate in tabletop game battle, move onboard flying boats and find far off universes.


  • Excellent and easy to utilize ammunition is provided in the game.
  • Pirate 101 is a pretty exciting game to play.
  • Gameplay is pretty incredible.


  • The sounds in the game are pretty irritating.
#5 Top Pick
Phantom Doctrine

Rune Scape

  • The game contains palaces, areas, and tribes, and all culled directly out from ancient times.
  • Played on windows.
  • RuneScape is an exciting game to play.

Were you searching for something that centers somewhat less around the diverting side and a smidgen more on genuine components? Then, at that point, may we propose you take a look at Rune scape? This dream MMORPG game springs to the bleeding edge, carrying realms, palaces, areas, and tribes, all culled directly from ancient times. There are more than 100 additional missions to exploit more than eight different abilities to prepare with. In the wake of making your person, you can likewise fabricate your own home and participate in 19 individuals just smaller than regular games


  • The game is pretty simple to understand.
  • The mechanics of the game are excellent


  • The game provides you with guiding techniques.


Why be restricted to simply wizard miracle and sorcery wonders when you can take advantage of the MMORPG angle with different topics and settings? Intending to offer you a comprehensive array in this perspective, we’ve written down the top games like Wizard 101. Do tell us which ones pulled at your heartstrings and even recommend your very own couple. You can leave your remarks in the section arranged underneath.


Are there any games like wizard 101?

On the off chance that you love the sorcery and experience sort, villagers and heroes will make you need to play for quite a long time. It has comparable ongoing interaction to Wizard101 as it includes investigating various regions and gaining mystical forces.

Is wizard 101 a dead game?

Wizard101 is as yet a game with an after. It has declined somewhat in the coming long time because of the penetration of trust among purchasers and friends. On the off chance that they pay attention to the local area, they may turn back to their wonder days.

Is warcraft like wizard 101?

It’s practically similar to they are two different games. Wizard 101 is a family arranged game, where it depends on spells/cards/wizardry. I find Universe of Warcraft is more for in-your-face gamers, whereas Wizard 101 is for individuals who like to have a good time