Best Games Like Harvest Moon For PC & Windows

Best Games like harvest moon For PC & Windows

Harvest moon game is viewed as a standout amongst other cultivation and reproduction games and the greater part of its spin-offs have likewise gotten extraordinary praise from gamers from all over the world. In any case, you can indeed play this game for a limited amount of time. There are consistently times when you feel exhausted with a specific game and require another game or series to invigorate your play style. If you are searching for games like harvest moon then we have you covered.  

Best Games like harvest moon 

Look at these astonishing cultivation games like Harvest Moon underneath and pick the one that draws in you the most. Here are some of the games that are similar to the video game harvest moon. 

#1 Top Pick
Graveyard keeper 

Graveyard keeper 

You can feel free to quit looking over now and get Graveyard Keeper on the off chance that you like your administration Sims with a side of grimness. You can straight away see the Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley motivations in the 16-bit visuals (disregard the witches and tombstones).

However, Graveyard Keeper is remarkable for its innovative interpretation of the test system kind, requesting that players keep a feeble middle age cemetery. Rather than keeping up a ranch and getting hitched, you dig graves and become interested in witch burning. 


  • The game has a fantastic game play. 
  • The game has attractive scenarios. 
  • The game is pretty addicting. 


  • It’s a challenging game and wastes a lot of time for players to understand the game. 
#2 Top Pick
Travelers rest 

Travelers rest 

Take the good Harvest Moon games, rewind them two or three hundred years to the middle age ages, and put the player responsible for a bar loaded with the benefactor’s eagerness for beer, and you have a harsh thought of Travelers Rest. As well as blending beverages and preparing food, you’ll be on better terms with the inhabitants of the village and get your character level up. 

It’s set to deliver in Steam Early Access any day now, yet you can download the free demo until further notice, which I’ve discovered to be very liberal. 


  • In this game, you own a fantasy bar. 
  • The game has impressive background music. 
  • Addicting game. 


  • The map is tiny. 
  • The game clock doesn’t stop if you go to the menu, and that isn’t very pleasant because you lose precious time in the game. 
#3 Top Pick
valheim 14 e1628755105697


You probably won’t anticipate seeing a survival game on a rundown of games like Harvest Moon. However, Valheim is a fantastic game with enough comparative characteristics to legitimize a proposal. 

For instance, cultivating is critical to enduring the long haul in Valheim, as you need food to abstain from starving. The farming is somewhat more complex than in Harvest Moon, as it includes making an apparatus and developing area,

constructing your ranch to sow the seeds, and shielding your yields from animals. Yet, assuming the cultivating is the thing that you appreciate about Harvest Moon, there’s a decent possibility you’ll discover a great deal to adore in Valheim. There’s additionally the part of restraining and taking care of animals, which could engage Harvest Moon lovers who appreciate keeping an eye on animals. 


  • The game has fantastic background music’s. 
  • The gameplay is fantastic. 
  • It’s a survival game. 


  • Tough game. 
  • The game contains a couple of bugs that need to be fixed. 
#4 Top Pick


From the start, you’d be excused for accepting Staxel as a Mine craft cultivating mod. Visuals to the side, you, in a real sense, fabricate and make changes to your ranch utilizing a voxel-based altering device.

Be that as it may, Staxel cuts its specialty by zeroing in exclusively on cultivating and pretending, offering an unwinding, battle free option in contrast to Mine craft’s gameplay.

At the point when you’re not relentlessly reestablishing an old homestead to success, you can get your chill on by communicating with your new neighbors, taking on tasks, and going fishing. Furthermore, similar to the best games in the class, Staxel allows you to impart cultivating obligations or become neighbors to genuine companions on the web. 


  • brilliantly bright and lively voxel artistry 
  • Remunerating town manufacturer. 
  • A lot of unique furnishings and squares to assemble various houses  


  • Issues with lightning. 
  • With no timescale, health or challenge, some might think that it’s exhausting.  
  • Absence of direction. 
#5 Top Pick
The Sims 4  

The Sims 4  

Ungodly to discuss life recreation games without conjuring the class’ most productive establishment, The Sims. Furthermore, luckily, the most recent passage in the series, The Sims 4, is a devoted advancement of the establishment set somewhere around the almost 20-year-old 

The Sims 4 reveals that you can do anything, and in this world, you really can. You can take to space as a space traveler, climb the positions in a criminal undertaking, or assume control over the issue of the planet as a traditionalist. Meanwhile, you’ll assemble the perfect place, find your ideal partner, and construct a family.

Moreover, talking on the last mentioned, same-sex couples can embrace and even have organic youngsters together. It’s difficult to cover everything The Sims 4 has to bring to the table here; however, if you’re on the chase for a daily existence test system in the most genuine sense, you mustn’t pass The Sims 4. 


  • Addicting game. 
  • Fantastic gameplay. 
  • The game is about life. 


  • The game contains some bugs that need to be fixed. 
#6 Top Pick
Garden paws 

Garden paws 

Garden Paws’ story and necessary arrangement may sound natural – it’s explicitly enlivened by classification works of art Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. 

 However, this beautiful life sim takes care executing its center highlights and adds its own contort with animal restraining, shopkeeping, a shockingly profound making framework, and consistent Twitch streaming coordination.

Visuals and sound are tweaked to give the most settling, illusory experience conceivable and with no deficiency of aww-instigating charm. Journeys can request an uncommon degree of time and energy to finish, making it more ideal for carelessly losing long periods in the hopeless genuine world to the otherworldly Garden Paws. 


  • Garden paws are easy to understand. 
  • The background music in the game is mind freshening. 
  • Gameplay is amazing. 
  • Very addicting game. 


  • The game has problems in multiplayer mode 


So, these were some of the best games we have got here that are similar to the harvest moon. Hopefully, with the help of this information we provided to you, you will save your time and pick a game here for yourself to play and enjoy. If you still have some questions regarding these games, you can comment down in the box below. 


Why do some people like animal crossing? 

The animal crossing has fantastic gameplay, and the game has got many features; maybe that’s why people love to play animal crossing. 

Can you play animal crossing on PC? 

Till now, you can’t play it on PC. 

How many harvest moons are there in a year? 

Every month the moon completes its cycle, and then it’s called a full moon or harvest moon. So, in a year, there are more than ten harvest moons.