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Best Android Emulator For PC – Download for Windows & Mac

There are many good reasons why an Android emulator could be running on your computer. App developers may try to test the app before launching it. Players may want to play the game using their mouse and keyboard. Here we will discuss which one is the best Android Emulator for pc and other operating systems that you should try. So! Let’s get started.

You probably just want to get it in there. Anyway, Android Emulation can be done on PC which is much easier than before. Few old emulators left the room or become worthless (Andy, AmiduOS, and Leapdroid), but everything else fits ok for most people. This is Android’s finest PC and Mac simulator.

Three key goals lie inside the emulator. The first is the most popular and is used in video games. Players can make playing games simpler with a computer simulator. They do not rely on battery life on the computer, and it can support by presence of macros and other tricks. This tips are often illegal, but no one has a problem. In the majority of sports.

Design is the second most frequent case in use. Apps and games developers from Android want to test on a variety of platforms before they publish. Fortunately, Android Studio comes bundled with “Android Virtual Device” (AVD), and all other emulators are strong in terms of performance and functionality.

For non-developers, the only drawback is that it comes with Android Studio and Android Software Development Kit (SDK) which requires a lot of space. Of course, this is not a problem for developers who have installed all necessary software on their PC.

The last major type is productivity. This is rare because Chromebooks are cheaper, Android apps can be used on devices other than phones, and most multi-platform productivity tools. Any game simulator can function as a productivity simulator to a certain extent.

Best BlueStacks Android Emulator For PC

We are going to suggest you the best android emulator of all time which is BlueStacks emulator. This emulator has some of the best features in the world you will get the best gaming experience and if you are a developer you will get the finest app testing experience.

Now let us check what the best features of BlueStacks emulator are.

Features Of BlueStacks

  • Advanced game controls.
  • Multi-instance.
  • Controls are Smart.
  • Better setting controls.
  • Advanced setting for Aim.
  • PC like game play.

This provides you with the best gaming experience when BlueStacks is on your screen. This simulator provides the most innovative gameplay with better graphics and outstanding sound quality.


  • Takes less space to download.
  • Also the best option for developers.
  • Advanced multi-instant.
  • Experience the best gaming.

You can download BlueStacks from here >> Download BlueStacks

Some popular games which you can play on PC with BlueStacks:

and more you can check here.

Best Android Emulator For MAC

BlueStack is also the best android gaming platform on Mac OS. This emulator not only works best on PC but also on Mac. Because it will also let you have the best gaming experience on Mac like PC, the top rated games on the app store will be the heaven for the games. But this does not end here because the feature of this app goes on.

  • Complete control over the app.
  • To view and edit controls use the game control menu.
  • You can personalize your gaming experience.
  • You can personalize the emulator as you like.
  • Theme option will take this game to whole another level.

These features make Bluestack emulator best on Mac; once you have installed the BlueStacks emulator you will never use the other emulators for sure. This emulator is worth a try. But that does not mean BlueStacks is the only player out there is also an emulator which is also good but not as good as BlueStacks let us show you why?

Nox emulator is the competitor of the BlueStacks but not like BlueStacks. Even though BigNox is an Android Emulator, originally launched in 2015. It was developed to meet the needs of gamers to play Android games on PC. Therefore, its function aims to increase the overall game experience.

This includes popular content like mapping keyboard keys, support for physical controller, and can even assign gesture controls.

BlueStacks Vs Nox player For PC

We will show you why BlueStacks is better than NoxPlayer. These both players are good and have some of the best features but there some features that makes the BlueStack to come on the top of the list let us check how.

Gaming On Nox

  • Nox is a very balanced emulator because it has the right set of features, graphics and processing power to run high-end games with ease. The program also supports advanced key mapping controls.

Gaming On BlueStacks

  • BlueStacks is also capable of running high FPS games without any lag.
  • Supports main mapping and other controllers as well. You can also configure the control by configuration.
  • BlueStacks is far ahead due to the better gaming experience overall.

Features Of Nox

  • High graphics.
  • PC like game play.
  • Key mapping capabilities.
  • Takes less space.

Features Of BlueStacks

  • Advanced game controls.
  • Multi-instance.
  • Controls are Smart.
  • Better setting controls.
  • Advanced setting for Aim.
  • PC like game play.

Performance Of Nox and BlueStacks

If you are considering the latest Bluestacks 4 release, the program scored 165,000 in its most recent benchmark. The last scoring of Nox is just 121410. Bluestacks has a better score than the Nox player in even the older version, which proves its superior success.

User Interface Of Nox

Nox has much features but the main issue is that you need a heavy RAM to enjoy these features. The key mapping, app shortcut and graphic controls are best but you will need the heavy RAM and space to enjoy these features.

User interface Of BlueStacks

While BlueStacks user interface is so much easy that anybody can use it with ease. So this is the plus point of BlueStacks. Also this emulator also provides the key mapping which is easier than Nox player and also you will get the best graphics with BlueStacks.


This is where BlueStacks player is much more ahead than Nox player, because BlueStacks only need 2 GB RAM to run on your PC and with that you will need the 1 GB hard disk but Nox player requires 3 GB RAM and with that it also requires 2 GB hard disk to run on your PC.

These qualities make the BlueStacks the best player out there in the modern time, you could also use this emulator if you are the developer because this emulator is best platform for testing your app also, and this is another key feature of this emulator.

Our Recommendation

Here we will recommend you the BlueStacks Emulator for PC and also for the Mac OS. you will get the best of best gaming experience and you can also set your controls according to your plan this will give you the advantage over the enemies in the game. But this is not the only reason to choose this emulator.

  • Better graphics provider than Nox player.
  • Takes less RAM while installing on PC on the other hand Nox player takes much space.
  • Friendly inter-face on BlueStacks while on Nox it’s little complicated.
  • The performance of the BlueStacks is way better than Nox player.
  • You will get the best sound and graphic quality on BlueStacks while on Nox Player you will get the normal sound and graphics quality.
  • Advanced gaming controls on BlueStacks.
  • Advanced settings for aim.

These particular reasons are enough to make BlueStacks emulator best in the Business so we will recommend you to download this amazing emulator on your PC and get the best of this emulator.


Here we have talked about one of the best emulators for PC which is BlueStacks. We also discussed about it features and the pros of these emulators. We have the best comparison of the BlueStacks emulator and NoxPlayer emulator, through this comparison you will know for sure that why BlueStacks is the best emulator of them all.


Q1. Where can we download BlueStacks emulator?

You can download and install this amazing emulator from any browser. Just click on this link and download.

Q2. If I have 1 GB RAM can I download this app?

Yes, you can run this app on 1GB RAM.

Q3. Will the graphics improve while playing on BlueStacks?

Yes, the graphic quality of the game will improve with BlueStacks.

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