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Divinity’s Rise Tier List July 2024 – Top Tier Heroes

Divinity’s Rise is a strategic game built up with teams and heroes that form up as one in order to battle against enemies. This game takes you into PVP battles where you can release your top heroes and beat your enemies, and be victorious. The game is a well-crafted RPG, and it features a colorful and imaginative world where you get good graphics and a world full of challenges.

Using the heroes, you can go through any ods in the game as each hero possess a special ability and on the basis of which they are divided into different tiers. This ancient magical world with European history has strategical gameplay where you have to utilize each type of hero in the battle with its special ability that can help you succeed in the battles. Considering their abilities, we have made Divinity’s Rise Tier List, in which the most powerful and commonly used heroes are put.

Divinity's Rise Tier List

Tier List

The tier lists are built on the basis of A, B, and C, which defines that A tier heroes are the strongest and best heroes of the game, whereas the B tier heroes have somewhat good attacking and defense mechanisms. The C tier is the weakest, but they can compete for various objectives in the game.

A Tier

The A tier contains the strongest heroes of the game, which can also be called the God tier. These troops are the most useful and powerful heroes that can make your battles pretty easy to win.


Artemis is the strongest hero that deserves A tier ranking because she has amazing abilities. Her attacks are very powerful that she can wipe a PVP single hero in a single shot. This hero is from the SSR category, making it one of the finest in the game. Its special skills are Defense break and Speed break for the enemy giving your team an opportunity to charge and deal more damage on the opponent. The arrow barrage ability makes this hero shine at the top, among others.


Aristotle is another best hero that deserves to be in the A tier because this hero acts as the best defense counter for the enemy team, and it can work really well for you with AOE counterattacks. It is a good supporting unit for the team, and it can help to heal your troops, too, with a little defense boost to give you an edge during the strongest battles.

B Tier

The B-tier heroes are pretty much defensive and attackers, and they can be used in the battles as they have all the core abilities within their playstyle, and they can be used for powerful attacks on enemies. Of course, not as powerful as A-tier heroes, but they are definitely worth the play.


Caesar is a good damage dealer hero that deserves to be in the B tier. This hero has powerful attacks, and it can wipe a single enemy with one shot. This hero has the ability to counterattack and DPS for higher-level battles. One of its good abilities is the sniper shot to deal damage in one contact and kill the enemy.


Plato is a versatile hero having the ability to carry Aoe attacks on the enemy team and using core abilities like suppress. This amazing hero has the ability to stop the enemies from healing and provides a defense for your team like Artemis. The additional advantage of this hero is that it helps to deal 30% more damage on the opposing team when used.

C Tier

The C-tier heroes are the only troops that are used in the early stages of the game as they are useful at the start for their weak attacks and defense and when no other stronger heroes have been unlocked. These heroes have low attack and defense skills which is why they are in the lowest category.


Satan is the best UR category player that has good attack and defense in case you are in the early stages of the game. This hero doesn’t have much to offer, but its core abilities can help you to stand against the enemy teams and fight against them when there are not many of the perks, and high-level troops have been unlocked. Satan is still better than most of the C-tier heroes, but the problem is that it can’t compete against A and B-tier heroes, which is why it is among the low-tier heroes on the list.


Gabriel may feel like a strong troop at the beginning of the game to catch the interest of the gamer. This hero grows gradually slow, and there is not much of an effect on its stats when you evolve it completely. The hero has weak attacks and defense for which he can’t compete against higher-level teams. This is why it’s mentioned among C-tier heroes.


This was a discussion about Divinity’s Rise Tier List, in which we included all the best options of the troops, with each tier having a separate hero in the list. We have mentioned some famous and commonly used heroes from which you can analyze which ones you should choose. For more details, play the game and enjoy your experience with these troops.


What is the best character in divinity? 

When you are in the earlier stages, and at the start of the game, the best characters in the Divinity game are the Knight and Gabriel. Their skills are pretty good in terms of starting battles, but they are not for stronger battles. 

Which divinity game should I start with?

To experience the game story with the best, you can start with Divinity’s rise and then start playing Divinity 2 for an amazing experience. 

Which is the best player in Divinity’s Rise?

The best player among all the others is Artemis in the game. She has the class and power to attack any enemy and eliminating it easily. other than this hero; Caesar is also a good hero.