Dragon Raja For Pc - Download & Play On PC [Windows / Mac]

Dragon Raja For Pc – Download & Play On PC [Windows / Mac]

PC Version
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Dragon Raja For Pc

  • Easy to install
  • Multi-instance
  • Smart controls
  • Macros

Archosaur Games created Dragon Raja, a role-playing game. Dragon Raja can be played on a PC or Mac using the Blue Stacks app player. The best environment for enjoying this Android game on a Windows computer or a MAC is BlueStacks app player.

Dragon Raja is the next phase in the growth of open-world mobile action games. Immerse yourself in this massive, living universe powered by Unreal Engine 4, winner of the Google Play Best Competitive award and Unreal Open Day’s Most Anticipated Game award. Create your own virtual avatar with the extensive character builder, then battle alongside other warriors from across the world.

Video Tutorial: How to Play Dragon Raja On PC

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About Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG by Mistralis inspired on Korean novelist Lee Yeongdo’s Dragon Raja books. Players enter a universe where the deity Zebus created the enigmatic Dragoon Continent, a large region of towering mountains and deserts, at the dawn of time. 

There were eight Great Clans that lived there. The Dragon Clan considered the most powerful of the Clans, with superior intellect and comprehension as well as the ability to fly and swim in the water. Above all, they possessed incredible magical abilities. The Dragon Lord, who had dominion over eight legendary Rune Stones, was the Dragon Clan’s most powerful figure. 

The destiny of the eight Clans was thought to be in the hands of whoever owned these eight Rune Stones. Dragon Raja’s universe is a place where many heroes will rise up to achieve a shared objective, and where the Dragon Raja must confront his fate.

How to Download & Install Dragon Raja on Window

To download the game on your PC, go to the Windows AppStore and look for the Bluestacks application. Most experts advocate the Bluestacks program, and we’re inclined to recommend it as well, because if you encounter problems with the Bluestacks application on your PC, you’re more likely to find solutions quickly online. Follow these steps to download this game:

Dragon Raja For Pc - Download & Play On PC [Windows / Mac]
  • Download Bluestacks Emulator using above download button.
  • Double-click it to install the software or executable on the computer after you’ve found it.
  • By clicking next, you agree to the license agreement.
  • Simply follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation.
  • If you complete the procedures above correctly, the Emulator application will be installed successfully.
  • In the Emulator program you just launched, look for the search box.
  • Once you’ve found it, type Dragon Raja into the search box and press Enter.
  • By clicking on the Dragon Raja icon, the program will be activated.
  • Your application will begin to download after you click the Install button.
  • There’s an icon named “All Apps” that you’ll notice.
  • You should be able to see the symbol. By clicking on the app, you may begin using it.

How to Download & Install Dragon Raja for Mac

The methods to download Dragon Raja on Mac are the same as they are for Windows. All you have to do is download BlueStacks and install it on your Mac. The simple steps to install this game on a Mac are listed below.

Dragon Raja For Pc - Download & Play On PC [Windows / Mac]
  • Install BlueStacks on your computer.
  • Follow the Google sign-in procedure now or later to have access to the Play Store.
  • Search for Dragon Raja in the searching box in the top right corner.
  • Pick Dragon Raja to install from the results pages.
  • Finish the Google sign-in process to obtain Dragon Raja.
  • Go to all Apps icon and you can find all downloaded games and application
  • You can choose your required game and enjoy playing. 

How to Play Dragon Raja on Pc

When you have download this game on your PC then playing it is really easy task. You just have to follow the simple steps which are mentioned below:

  • Open Bluestacks emulator on your PC
  • Look for the “All Apps” Icon on the interface.
  • You fill find all the downloaded Apps
  • Find Dragon Raja in the list and click on it.
  • Wait for the game to load
  • Once game in open you can set the controls according to your preferences.
  • Now you can play this game.

About Bluestacks

BlueStacks is an emulator which, like every other emulator, generates a virtual representation of an Android computer that supports in a window on your computer. Although it isn’t exactly like an Android smartphone, it is near enough to the screen that even a beginner user should be able to operate it.

BlueStacks is a free app that can be downloaded, installed, or used. While BlueStacks can run almost any Android app (about 97 percent of the Google Play Store’s applications are compatible), it’s most prevalent among Android players who want to enjoy mobile games on their desktop PCs.

Features of Bluestacks

Below are some of the features of Bluestacks Emulator:

Installing the application is simple

BlueStacks allows you to install Android apps from the Play Store just like you would on your phone. You may install an application from the BlueStacks toolbar if you do have the APK file.

Connectivity of PC devices

BlueStacks works with all of your computer’s hardware and peripherals, including the gamepad, keyboard, and camera. These devices will function as if they were built into your Android, and Android apps will be able to access them immediately.

The game’s controls are simple

Most Android applications come with a range of default settings that make the most use of the computer’s mouse and keyboard, but those controls may be tweaked and customized inside BlueStacks.

Support for multiple instances

BlueStacks allows users to play the same game in numerous windows and with various accounts at the same time. This may be used to play many games at once, play the same game with various accounts, or even play multiplayer games with one.


Is it possible to play Dragon Raja on a laptop?

Definitely, this game needs high-end hardware to run at peak performance. On the other hand, you may play Dragon Raja on your PC using a free Android emulator.

What is the finest Dragon Raja emulator?

Bluestacks is the finest Android emulator for Dragon Raja PC so far.

Is BlueStacks safe?

Yes, BlueStacks is generally safe. What we mean is that downloading the software is completely risk-free. BlueStacks is a real firm backed by and working with industry heavyweights like as AMD, Intel, as well as Samsung.