Top 10 Games like Rim world [year] – Play On PC or PS4

Top 10 Games like Rim World 2024 – Play On PC or PS4

 If you are a fan of the video game Rim world, you might be looking for more games like this to get entertain if that is the case, then you are at the right place because, in this article, we are going to present you the top ten games that are similar to Rim world. 

In Rim world, players are given their colonies, and there are people in there. The main job of the player is to make sure he keeps his colony and the people safe. 


  • Simulation game. 
  • I played on Microsoft windows. 
  • Survive and protect your colony. 

Best 10 Games Rim world

Let’s have a look at some games that are similar to Rim world. 

#1 Top Pick
Going Medieval 

Going Medieval  

  • Simulation 
  • Played on Microsoft windows. 
  • Build and protect your colony.  

In this game, the player has to build a colony. You have to develop many types of buildings in this game to protect your people living in that colony from various situations. The game was introduced in the market in 2020. 

#2 Top Pick
King under the mountain

King under the mountain 

  • Simulation-based. 
  • Played on Microsoft windows 
  • Construct colony  

In this game, the players can design their colonies as well as organize their buildings. Basically, in this game, the player constructs his society. It’s on the players’ strategy in how much time he can build and finish the game. 

#3 Top Pick


  • Stimulation 
  • Played on Microsoft windows. 
  • Build a city for the villagers.  

Civitatem is the game where the player must build a city for the villagers. Making the town may get a little tough on the dangerous lands. It depends upon the players and their strategies how they take to build the city for the villagers. 

#4 Top Pick
Oxygen is not included

Oxygen is not included  

  • Survival game. 
  • Stimulation. 
  • Played on Microsoft windows. 
  • Survive and complete the task

In this game, the players have to create a space colony. The player has to take care of their hunger and oxygen to stay alive and create a space colony. In this game, players might face some difficulties like diffusion of gases, which may affect their mission, so the player must be ready for any situation and complete his goal as soon as possible.  

#5 Top Pick
Space haven

Space haven  

  • Survival game 
  • Played on Linux and Microsoft windows. 
  • Find a home and take care of your crew. 

In this game, the player has to find a home in space for his people. This game is all about your crew. In space heaven, you have to find a home for that, and you have to build a spaceship to explore the space and get what you are looking for.   

#6 Top Pick
Surviving The Aftermath.

Surviving The Aftermath 

  • Survival and building 
  •  played on PlayStation and XBOX 
  • Construct a colony that can bear any disaster. 

Surviving the aftermath is a building game in which the player has to make a colony and protect it from different disasters. Not only settlement, but the player must also protect the people living in the territory too. The game was introduced in 2019.  

#7 Top Pick
Dwarf fortress steam 

Dwarf fortress steam 

  • Stimulation 
  • Played on Microsoft windows 
  • Manage and build your colony 

In this game, the player has to build a colony and has to manage it too. Dwarf fortress steam is the game in which you develop and control and protect your territory from different creatures. One player can only play the game at a time. You won’t believe it, but this game is fifteen years old and was introduced in 2006. 

#8 Top Pick
Planet base

Planet base 

  • Survival and building. 
  • Played on ps4 and Xbox. 
  • Manage and build a base.  

In the game, the player is a manager. Who’s job is to lead the people trying to form a base on some planet. It’s all on the player to guide his people to build a solid base to live and survive. On planet base, after u make a colony, some difficulties may occur, like some disasters. 

#9 Top Pick


  • Strategy game 
  • Defeat enemies 
  • Constructions 
  • Business empire 

Ubisoft created this strategy game like the age of empire. In this game, the player can build their city and can manage their economic needs. Players have to expand their country and defeat the enemies and attackers. 
The main aims of the game are combat strategy economy, and diplomacy players can control their key island and create their business empire to fulfil the needs of your community; they can go around and unlock different locations and buildings that are need of the environment and the population. 

#10 Top Pick
Frost punk

Frost punk 

  • Survival game 
  • Build a city 
  • Played on PlayStation  

In this game, the player starts with a group of people. They have some supplies as well so that they can build a city for themselves. In this game, the player might face difficulties due to bad weather, and they might not work as hard as they want.


This list will help you play more games like Rim world. We have selected here some of the best games similar to Rim world. We hope you will have a good time playing these games. If you have any more questions, you can type in the comment section.


Can you finish rim world?

Yes, there are many possible ways through which you can bring an end to the game.

How long is a year in rim world? 

In rim world one year Is equal to 4 Quadrums.

Can you play rim world free? 

Yes, you can play this game free as well.

How much does rim world cost?

rim world cost $29.99 and is available o PC, MAC and Linux.

Do rim world has a story? 

Yes, rim world is a game that is based on tragedy and comedy and contains a plot.