With Hoopa Unbound, Pokemon Go introduces a new type of Raid Battle called Elite Raids.

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Pokémon Go fans have a lot to look forward to in October, as the current Festival of Lights event to celebrate Diwali is still going on.

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This will be followed by the first instalment of the Halloween 2022 celebrations.

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A slew of new Pokémon are making their debuts, and a slew of events are being held to catch even more and collect hordes of rewards.

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Among all of these celebrations, a new feature has been added to Pokémon Go. Until now, Raid Battles have primarily focused on regular raids featuring various Pokémon.

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five-star raids with Legendaries and Mega Raids with Mega Pokémon The AR game is getting a new raid type today called Elite Raids.

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Elite Raids raise the bar because they are the newest and most difficult Raid Battles available. These battles occur as a result of the hatching of special Raid Eggs.

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It takes 24 hours for these eggs to crack, and when they do, a powerful raid boss appears for 30 minutes.

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Furthermore, due to the difficulty of these raids, they cannot be completed from home using Remote Raid Passes.

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To fight in the Elite Raid, players must gather their friends and go to the gym. Defeating the Pokémon will result in an encounter with it, allowing you to catch it.

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