10 things you need to know about: The Lord of the Rings Heroes of Middle-earth

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A large cast of playable characters from JRR Tolkien's Middle-earth Legendarium can be found in The Lord of the Rings Heroes of Middle-earth, a mobile role-playing game. 


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Developer and publisher

Electronic Arts is helming development and publishing duties on the game.


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A new Ring of Power

A new Ring of Capacity with "the power to remake history" is introduced to the Tolkien realm in the video game. It is clear from the teaser that this ring has selected a pivotal figure from the narrative.


The new ring’s power

According to the designers, the new Ring of Power allows the player to select the characters they believe would be most effective in a specific fighting situation.


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Characters can cooperate in this turn-based strategy game. Character skills can also be improved.


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Numerous characters from Tolkien's Middle-earth Legendarium's whole timeline will be added to the game. Aragorn, Frodo, Sam, Legolas, etc


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Gameplay modes

The game has a number of modes, including a story mode and a PvP mode. The multiplayer aspect, where players may create teams and engage in combat, appears to be the game's main focus. ​


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​The Art Style

The game's aesthetic is "a type of stylized realism," according to the makers, and is "quite near" to Tolkien's original watercolour pictures.


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